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Airsoft deutsch Gameplay Airsofthalle Lauterbach

Airsoft deutsch Gameplay Airsofthalle Lauterbach

Hey mom, I am on TV! quiet back there! [intro music] hey guys, Geonox here welcome to a new airsoft video we are in at the CQB arena in Lauterbach Germany and today I have a very special toy with me my brand new tracer unit for those who dont know what that is its a small device that you attach to the gun just like a surpressor and it makes your gun shoot laser like tracer shots game mode is plant the bomb rabbit ears yeah rabbit ears this is our dear Highlander explaining the game mode [explosion] I’d say let’s get straight into it [start signal] HIT ahhh HIT! that was a bit close should have said bang bang sorry HIT HIT HIT I took a shot to the forehead just ove the facemask outch back to the spawn let’s go crossing no more ammo quickly reload and go big man, are you ready? crossing at that point I thought it’s a bit mean to spawn camp the enemy that’s why I went back to give them the chance to leave their spawn I see you on the right in there are you blue are you blue? dude you scared me HIT nice one both of us went out I checked the slow motion I was definitely hit but my BBs bounced off the ground ricochets do not count as HITs credit to the other player for calling hits when in doubt on the right that was a short round quickly back to spawn and back in the game did you just.

..? Oh you are yellow. I thought you were blue he hid in the bunker didn’t see him quickly reload and back in the game I got him looks like he got me someone shot my tracer 🙁 see him? over there I’ll get him pin him down crossing I thought he’d jump out guess I was wrong I am completely empty a few seconds later the game is over we could not get the bomb we lose thats it for today leave a thumbs up see you next time and as always, happy gaming


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