Home Airsoft Cheaters (Airsoft) Dark Experiment II – Le Labo – GIOS – 08/2014

(Airsoft) Dark Experiment II – Le Labo – GIOS – 08/2014

(Airsoft) Dark Experiment II – Le Labo – GIOS – 08/2014

New airsoft battle on the GIOS battlefield ! We are a small group (10-12) on a small ground. Perfect for Speed ??Game : CQB with many small openings. To be honest, it’s not really my “style” favorite game.

Small day… but however, I am still amused 🙂 And i use my old Kriss Vector ! Teammate : Behind you Fab ! Too many opening ! I am lost ! And there is the drama… Me : Oh Shit ! I bugged… It still happens at times to move in an orderly manner between teammates, especially here with Kenai.

Me : Two foe left ! Me : Firing Squad ! Here means the sound of someone who jumping on pallets ^^ Me : I was sure of that. Well played ! It was good there ! In small groups, the terrain allows some freat duels.

The light, which projects my shadow, will be right of me… Foe : I saw the shadow actually. Me : I thought after “Shit, there is my shadow”… Me : A problem of shadow. Too bad. But well done ! Escaping is useless.

.. but we try anyway ! Me : Too bad, too bad… Know the terrain, it helps a little to anticipate the movements of opponents. Same here. Personal procedure. Deposited model : count to 3, make footsteps’s sound and .

.. Me : Go on ! I count to 3 ! Me : 1,2.. 3 ! Go ! Thank you for watching this video !


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