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(Airsoft) CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ASG

(Airsoft) CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ASG

AEG replica under CZ license of the Scorpion EVO 3 A1 by ASG, a “made in Europe” gun, which is a new thing The gun is sold, out of the box, with an ASCU mosfet, giving the gun some nice functionalities Full piston cycle, protection against electric arcs, better rate of fire and reactivity.

.. But also a “3 rounds burst” mode, not to mention the gun stops shooting when the magazine gets empty You then need to change magazine and push the bolt catch, otherwise the gun refuses to shoot again The gun also has a quick spring change system, which allows you to easily change the power of the gun The stock and hand guards come from the same mould than the RS parts, but they don’t have a great finish Besides, the gun is quite expensive (around 450 € in Europe) and comes with limited packaging : the gun, a magazine, and that’s it ! No sights come with the gun, you have to buy them separately or use something else About 380 FPS (0.

20 Tanio Koba), you can easily change the power anyway At 20 meters, no problem, it’s very easity to hit your target (note I use a 11.1V lipo battery) Hardly harder at 30 meters, I miss only one time and it’s probably my own fault In 3 rounds burst mode, it’s very easy to hit, and the accuracy is still very nice Same thing in full auto, shots don’t get spread too much on the target .

.. And the gun stops shooting when the magazine is empty ! In order to shoot again, pulling off the magazine isn’t enough, you have to push the bolt catch (and possibly put a fresh mag before that) The bolt catch also allows to put the fake bolt back in position when it’s blocked to the rear You can adjust the hop up behind the fake bolt via this wheel with an alen key or your fingers (note the battery) There is no “mechanical” feeling whatsoever in the trigger, it shots with no warning, trigger reset is hard to catch, I’m not a big fan Note that in 3 rounds burst mode, 3 bbs are shot no matter what (unless you don’t have 3 bbs left in the magazine.

..) Ambidextrous mag release lever, that you can push with your trigger finger, it’s quite practical The fire selector is ambidextrous too (but not the bolt catch, even though you can easily use it with the index of your left hand as a lefty) Note how the fire selector wobbles a bit, it’s hard to tell which mode is on without looking at it 3 positions folding stock (on the right side), note it’s quite short, even fully deployed Here is the quick spring change system, allowing you to easily ajust the power according to the rules of the game if you have the right spring Note the 2 sling mounts on both sides of the body In order to access the battery compartment, you have to unscrew the flash hider, and then the other part behind it.

.. … And then, you pull off the hand guard (be careful to not lose the charging handle and its spring) The battery compartment, under the rail, is long but very tight, you need a very “squary” battery Note the “bip”, indicating that the battery has been connected right to the gun According to ASG, the stock and hand guards come from the moulds of the real parts.

.. And have the same mediocre finish So it’s realistic, but it doesn’t look so good Wide view of the gun, note the markings Thanks for watching ! Don’t hesitate to watch other youtuber videos !


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