Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft CZ – Operace “Zimní Bouře”

Airsoft CZ – Operace “Zimní Bouře”

Airsoft CZ – Operace “Zimní Bouře”

P Pe Pet Pete PeteA PeteAi PeteAir PeteAir Subscribe 😉 I would go… I would go… -“Behind the building” -“Behind the building” -Yea, I guess so… (Mode: Zombie) Rules: My team starts with only two players, but whomever we hit joins our side “I can whistle already, right?” “I can whistle already, right?” -Yes Whistle (Game starts) “He’s hit” “He’s hit” “We have someone on our side already” Míra, behind the hill on the right, okay? Hit! “I’ll move forward” “Damn, why do I bother shooting?” Well, I’m hit Well, I’m hit “Me too” Yeah, so come with me “I think it’s over” “I think it’s over” We’re all on one side already? “What about Míra?” (Radio) Míra, Míra, I guess the game is over.

It looks like we’re all on the same side already (Radio) People are going back to the parking lot so blow the whistle and end the game Whistle (End of the first round) New round (Mode: Team Deathmatch) Á, Hit, hit Aah, Hit, hit Yeee, you f*cker! Hit! Whistle (New round) (New round) (Mode: Team Deathmatch) F*cker (Sniper) Au, hit! Au, hit! (Right in a tooth – but it was ok) “It looks like we’re all here, there’s one last person” Whistle Whistle (Game Over) Subscribe 😉


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