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Airsoft – Cybergun/VFC FN Herstal FNS-9 [ENG subs]


Hi everyone welcome to the Lair another day, another BB-gun overview today the FNS-9 distributed by Cybergun and made by VFC you certainly have in mind the FNX-45 which was issued more that two years ago it was a nice gun, some people had firing pin break ups some gas leaks on the magazine the right side slide catch was not operational on my gun but now it works fine here is the 9mm little brother well, we use 6mm BBs still in collaboration with FN Herstal, and made by VFC plain visual on the box and as usual we can read the technical specifications on the lid the content is also similar to the FNX-45 box there’s a users’ manual with safety tips as well as regulations, and how to handle the FNS-9 set the “baxs” system and so on don’t forget that you now have a five-year warranty you can visit the website or scan the flash-code then there’s an extra back-strap this is the curved one so I can tell that the flat one is installed on the gun here it is, there’s nothing else inside the box no goodies ? I like goodies ! what about the FNS-9? Well, this handgun has been produced since 2011 by FNH USA it is based on the FNX but there are a few differences there’s an inner striker instead of the hammer/firing pin combination the real gun is made out of a polymer frame and a steel slide here we’ve got polymer and aluminum alloy the real gun can be equipped with an ambidextrous outer safety lever here you can see its space and it comes in regular size as well as compact and long-barrel models with two calibers, 9mm and .40 because many American law enforcement units use this gun of course this one shoots 6mm BBs ! the finish is not bad at all crisp pattern on the grip, with the FN logo here it is again on the magazine plate the back-strap has the same pattern but is made of hard rubber it is quite comfortable, not too aggressive except for the back-strap as Cybergun owns the FNH license, they could reproduce the official markings very nice markings indeed there’s a Picatinny rail at the front of the frame and a small metal plaque with a unique serial number as well as a flashcode the trigger guard is very large so you can shoot with gloves on and if there’s no safety lever, notice the trigger it is composed of two parts here I can’t shoot I must pull the lower part to unlock the trigger the real caliber here on the outer barrel serrations at the front and the back of the slide quite common on modern handguns in order to perform a press
check useless in airsoft though notice the shape of the nozzle fun ! it looks like a 9mm cartridge VFC likes doing this and the extractor here is nice with a red notch on the real gun, if you see red, there’s a cartridge in the chamber no hammer, of course, it is a striker gun combat sights here, three dots the real gun can be equipped with Trijicon sights it is forbidden in France because of the tritium…You may have noticed that the slide catch and the magazine catch are ambidextrous it works just fine, left-handed players will be delighted I’ve just noticed something here I like that ! well, not the license markings but the fact that they are not engraved on the outside part of the slide some people argue that “this shit looks like a real gun too much” but if some bozo does bad things with his BB-gun like robbing a convenience store or threatening people he clearly deserves to be shot down by the police I know I’m not politically correct I haven’t used the gun much but the mag catch already has a few traces of wearing the slide looks tougher but here you can see that my seasoned FNX didn’t suffer more wear so I’m confident it’s been a long time since I haven’t talked about molding and injection traces simply because most of the time our BB guns have a better finish than real weapons this is a 22BB gas magazine it doesn’t have the shiny black nickel finish of the FNX one but the gas valve and the strike valve are at the same spot real steel markings here I hope this magazine won’t leak but just in case, don’t hesitate to contact your favorite shop, there’s a 5-year warranty! I talked about the back-strap before, you can swap from flat one to curved one I prefer the curved one both have a small lanyard ring nice if you don’t want to lose your gun on the field to remove the back-strap, insert a small tool into the hole and push and at the same time slide the back-strap downward here’s the small locking part insert the back-strap until you hear a “click” I really prefer this one I was so excited to show you this gun that I forgot to thank Cybergun ! They sent me this gun, but it is available in your shops for about 149.90€ way cheaper than the FNX-45 which was sold around 200-210€ extra magazines are a bit expensive though 36.90€ apiece let’s put some gas in there and test the gun! no BBs, the mag catch works well holly cow! the trigger is nice there’s almost no slack then you reach the wall, it is a
bit hard and bang! it is not really smooth VFC trigger in da place ! the trigger is made of plastic the magazine is not too cold it kicks really hard let’s strip the gun pull the slide back until reaching the mark then rotate the slide lock now you can remove the slide behold the internals! it is well oiled but I’d recommend cleaning the gun and doing you own maintenance the recoil spring is linked to the spring guide this part goes inside the hop-up assembly so it locks the spring guide then remove the outer barrel I must tell that I’ve already shot the HK VP9 video, the video will be issued next week and there are a few similarities between these two guns it’s greasy but it smells good ! here’s the hop-up adjusting wheel I’ll give you all the details about the barrel length, diameter and so on in the written review and I talked about the VP9, because the cylinder is identical to this one with its cartridge-shaped nozzle the bullet here, and the shell this is a huge cylinder so I’m not surprised that the gun kicks like a mule! you may be upset because when I issue the VP9 video, you’ll think “but, he says twice the same things!” of course I do, it is the same factory which made both guns ! why change a good-working system, I’ll talk about the autonomy during the shooting tests I must confess that I went and shot a couple of magazines it is 16°C today, 23° in the Lair so I didn’t have cool-down it will certainly shoot less BBs with a gas load than the FNX45 because the magazine is smaller you can empty 6 or 7 mags with a single gas load in the FNX mag after a first glance at the FNS-9 I feel it is a nice gun with a nice finish, a good kick, ambidextrous controls I like the feeling of the trigger there’s a rail so you can mount accessories you can chose the size of the back-strap and it is 50-60€ cheaper than the FNX-45 when it was first released the FNX was a success despite its original flaws most players who didn’t like it didn’t like it because it was too big for them it’s a .45, it’s not easy to find a holster the FNS-9 is smaller I know that many of you were waiting for a review of this gun to know if they must buy it or not some of you have already bought the FNS so I guess you’ll see reviews on the internet after a first glance I like it but I didn’t go deep, it’s an overview so I can’t give you all the answers yet I’ll try to take it outside as soon as the weather is better don’t hesitate to like the
video or put a thumb down if you feel so whether you’ve bought the gun or not, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it don’t forget to subscribe and share and if you don’t want to miss another video, follow me on Facebook thanks again to Cybergun and particularly Alexandre who sent me this gun see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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