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hey HfG here today we are doing an unboxing slash review of the Vudu shotgun whatever that means so this is of course as an airsoft gun shoots at 390 feet per second um probably with really heavy ammo like point 20s so we are gonna go ahead and open the box so this channel is a lot more about urban exploring than it is about airsoft but every once in a while I will do and your soft gameplay or review or something like this along the lines of this so let’s go ahead and take it out of the box as you can see they give me some bb’s a strap that was a bonus or something on the box and of course the instruction manual which I will take out in the middle minute even though it says to stop and look at this right now but I’ll put it right here for now so one thing you always gotta remember always wear your safety glasses because that is really important to a safe a safe use of this gun I’m just gonna put this down for a second and we will of course explore this a little further alright so what else do they have in the box it comes with a I couldn’t figure this out at first but I’m pretty sure that this is actually a a speedloader of some sort not like a real speed loader but you just stick this in the mag and you can collect airsoft BB’s in there but we’ll go ahead and explore that further in a minute so I’m going to put this to the side well here is your I guess ramming rod but I think pulled it up really nice and tightly all right finally finally gotta go ahead and look at it on the box these are crisp so crisp by instructions here so let’s zoom in a bit operating your safety to put the safety rifle on safe know all that stuff a lot of cool stuff there these Phoebe’s fight point well probably not really heavy bb’s that you’ll need to operate a gun like this because once you have a um a higher feet-per-second airsoft rifle in this case a shotgun a lot of times you’re gonna need have your ammo for this to work so here is the box nice little box so it’s all pretty cool here’s the back of the box looks pretty cool be the game it’s going here so here’s the gun alright so this actually kind of looks like a shotgun you might have in a lot of maybe yeah cop movies or something like that police officer movies just something kind of neat about this gun is it has four rails so you can see here has side rails on each side and you have a top rail here so that’s pretty cool you can definitely put a scope on this I’m not sure how accurate the gun is because because of its being a shotgun and all that but I think you could easily use this as a sniper rifle just because of the um the sheer power of this gun just because how powerful it is now let’s go ahead and take a look at the stock because this was something I really liked you just press this lever here and it opens closes like a charm very smooth so I like that about this gun very smooth so if we turn it over here that says voodoo clip some might call it right here so what you’ll notice a lot of there’s soft shot guns especially cheaper kind look a lot like this now you can see there’s a bit of a difference here a cheaper kind of mags you love the bb’s in here and then you use this lever here to raise them up through there so I can shoot them up but on this bag right here I think you’re gonna actually use this so you’re just gonna put this on top of here you’re gonna put the bb’s here through there at the top here should be in there now and then you’re going to go ahead and take this ramrod or jam rod and Ram it down there or in there so that is pretty interesting so you just pop that in there and you’re ready to fire so of course i turn the safety off though Safety’s on so another thing to mention about this gun is that the clip here can hold 19 rounds so that would be round as in be round bb’s inside the clip right now so you can hold that 19 of those it is a pump-action so I’m just gonna show you that so you would go ahead and put that back check out this so you guys see it fire so you’re going to do that so you’re gonna go ahead and take this name fire itself on and off it is a pretty cool gun I don’t know how solid the field is yet but it feels pretty solid in the hand and to top it off I bought this gun at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $35 um not a bad thing not a bad price for a two hundred three hundred and ninety FPS rifle there’s a lot of sniper rifles are at that four hundred mark so yeah it’s not a bad gun but we’ll see how how it goes um on the shooting range or whatever qualifies for a shooting range so in in conclusion here I would give this about an eighth on a scale of one to ten just because there are some minor imperfections on the gun just some small like little scuffs here and there from the butt mold it’s not like perfectly molded and the plastic they use kind of seems a little cheap in places like the trigger but other than that this gun feels really solid and it looks really realistic and I’m actually planning to use this in a new movie a short film I’m making as a prop so that’s what I was looking for I was looking for a realistic gun that I could use for not just airsoft but also for for short films as well so that’s about it for this video here


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