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Airsoft Comms and Headsets

product spotlight okay welcome back to audi’s airsoft and today we’re going to have a look at comms now when you start off your airsofting you build up your tactical gear over a while and especially if you get into a team uh you’ll want to start using some sort of communication system now i’ve used a couple and i have a number of systems that i use depending on the gameplay that we’re playing and my loadout so the first protocol is my throat mic and i’ll show you my throat bike now my throat mic is connected to a ptt which means push to talk it’s a little button that sits usually around here on my rig and it means that i can call in my comms through the throat mic by just pressing the button and when i release it stops transmitting from the ptt goes round the back into where i store my uh walkie-talkie my walkie-talkie is a motor ride right now one thing i’m just gonna say about walkie-talkies is a lot of guys when i start off in airsoft they tend to try and buy as cheaply as they can and sometimes that can be a false economy the cheaper the walkie-talkie the cheaper the circuitry inside and the less range it will have and the more problems you will have with it so as a start-up point i’d be looking at a motorola for myself that’s what i would use um in fact i use it’s the motorola xtr-44 now as a starting off uh comms unit is very very very good uh it’s a step up from the basic versions of what most airsofters tend to use it’s the sort of leapfrog into the semi-professional arena it’s a very very uh nifty device and very very clear and great range there are units above this which move as i said more into the professional arena i know mark who is one of our reviewers here he uses a model above this one and finds it flawless but as a starting off point they’re not cheap uh but you know you get what you pay for in life and i have come to the conclusion a long time ago that if you keep buying cheap you’re gonna buy twice because you’ll have problems with it so from the onset i went out and got myself what i would call a middle mid-range calm device and i have to say i haven’t found a problem with it yet so the first thing i’m going to look at is my throat mic now this is my throat mic it’s a very simple system throat mic sits around the throat naturally now with the throat mic you have to kind of fiddle with it until you hit the sweet spot on your throat where the vocal messaging comes through best sometimes if it slips too low or rides too high you don’t get the best comms now it comes with a small little earpiece very contractor style and the earpiece pops in like so and it gives it a very very clear audible acoustics this is the ptt which will clip here and as i say with a simple press of the button i can communicate with team members the other end attaches into the top of my motorola and sits in the back of my rig so that’s the throat mic and it’s it’s a very very good system especially for you a gun fairly light now my next system i’m gonna show you is something a little bit different and a little bit special i was wearing this yesterday in game and it got a lot of interest going uh this is a zed tactical contact ii basically it’s a headset with full mic boom now as you can see i actually have on the side of it my hd camera which i use for filming in game uh it’s attached with heavy duty velcro you don’t have to have this attached naturally the way this works is there’s two buttons here when you press the two of them in it turns the unit on when it turns the unit on there’s two little microphones here and here and those two microphones pick up all the ambient noise and transfer them into the headset so it sounds like you don’t have a headset on it sounds like normal everyday talking or noise and the great thing about this you can actually turn it up so if you’re a little bit hard of hearing which when you get to my age happens a lot but if you’re a little bit hard of hearing or you actually want to try and listen in for foot noise or footfall and you’re keeping very quiet you can actually turn these right up and the worry there would be that if then something went off like a thunder b with these turned up you’d have a problem with the amplification of the noise uh really really doing some damage to your eardrums not so with these these are absolutely fantastic because they have a noise cancelling system within them if there is a noise level over 85 decibels it shuts down the system so they go into like ear muffs or ear protectors and the great thing about that is if you are in a room clearing situation somebody does chuck in a thunderb they’re loud at the best times but with these on you can hear them but they won’t affect your play they certainly will protect your eardrums from a loud noise now i played with these yesterday and i can concur that they actually do cut noise out even when you’re shouldering an aeg and there’s a big clack of firing going on the the earphone next to the noise cancels out leaving the other one to keep listening in which is quite difficult to get used to at first but it’s very very effective and once you’ve played within it for a couple of hours they’re brilliant now i use lithium batteries in these as a choice you don’t have to but the lithium will make them last longer and i think it will help the circuitry inside as i said i have a hd camera on this will sit like so this is a military jack it plugs into the ptt and the ptt then transfers to the motor on motorola on the back they’re very unique looking very very different and i would recommend them after use them in game a little bit i have to say they’re very comfortable to wear they give very good ear protection and most of all they do communicate very well very very good audible calms coming in the best part of these for me is the fact that i can mount my camera on the side so i can get some footage while i’m playing in-game an awful lot of people were asking me yesterday uh you’ve left the back door of your tachyon open i actually haven’t it’s on purpose i have it held in with elastic the reason for this is the tachyon hd and all the tacking units they’re fully waterproof when you close up the back door they seal tight which is brilliant for if you’re going into water situations or it’s raining the only problem is it’s an internal mic and when this is closed the sound quality is poor now even with the sound uh even with the door left open the sound quality isn’t great but um you know it’s a trade-off it gives a little bit of a different perspective and to have it in game is great so that’s my headset i would only use this if i’m using some film or i’m doing some filming because it’s the most comfortable and easiest way to carry my camera now the other set i have is my cavalvi headset now this one again works off the ptt system and it’s uh takes a little bit of getting used to when you’re not used to wearing things like this very very comfy sits around with a nice boom goes into a ptt and again off you go great clear combs and not as restrictive as many of the other items that you might be wearing the z tactical headset it can feel a bit bulky and it takes a little bit unusual this just fits like a glove you don’t even know you have it there very very clear comes and a great looking system so that’s a quick look at the comm systems i use and most of the guys i play with tend to use a variant of these um most of these things were bought from e-hobby asia and uh i have to say i haven’t had any faults with them so far and they look very very good and they do the job that they’re meant to do there’s a number of different uh styles of the kevalvi they have the swimmer which is a completely waterproof system and they have this normal cavalvi headset which i prefer and it also gives me a nice base here if i wanted to put some velcro on to stick my camera on from a different angle or you know anything else i wanted to stick onto it it will help me do so but that’s more to do with filming rather than normal gameplay which most guys won’t be into anyway so this has been oddy’s airsoft it was a quick look at comms and i hope you found that slightly interesting talk to you later


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