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(Airsoft) Colt Single Action Army Umarex

(Airsoft) Colt Single Action Army Umarex

Video about the Colt Single Action Army Umarex, here in its “blued finish” variant 2 other variants exist as well, “antique finish” and “nickel pearl” It’s most likely a gun made for Umarex by Wingun, a company mostly known for its 4.

5mm guns Actually, this Colt SAA was first produced as a 4.5mm gun Since it has not been made to be an airsoft gun in the first place, it has two big flaws : it has no hop up and it’s too powerful Also, it’s not a very realistic replica : it has a weird grip shape, a manual safety, ugly markings.

.. In the neutral position the hammer isn’t at the right place either However it’s a full metal model, the finish of the metal itself is quite cool and it uses removable cartridges Its price seems reasonnable enough to me as well Not really a great item for the airsoft field, but it might be interesting if you’re looking for an Colt SAA replica It’s a bit less powerdul than expected : about 370 FPS (room temperature 19°C) with 0.

20 gr ATM bbs and full C02 cartridge It gets less and less powerful when you empty the cartridge ; here 335 FPS with a used cartridge Outdoor shooting test (note it’s quite cold) with 0.28 gr ATM bbs, here at 10 meters No problem at 10 meters, it shots just a bit higher than where I aim I’m surprised it shots so well, I hit every time at 20 meters when I aim the belly I really didn’t think it would shoot so good I miss my first shot at 30 meters : no miracle, with no hop up the bbs gets down before it hits the target For the following shots I aim about 50 cm higher than the hat of the target and then I hit every time Its performances are a really good surprise The SAA rear sight, quite peculiar I find the metal finish to be awesome, yet I reaaaaaaally don’t like the white markings ; the grip is made of plastic Manual safety under the frame which blocks the mechanism (there is none on a real SAA) A single action gun only, which is obviously realistic To unload the gun, pull the hammer until it clicks (it unlocks the cylinder), open the loading gate and remove each cartridge The ejector rod is functionnal but not really useful since you can simply use gravity to remove the cartridges You put a bbs in a cartridge like this, very simple Note that one of the cartridge I got doesn’t has the O-ring which retains the bbs To load the gun, same thing : pull the hammer to the first click, open the gate and put a cartridge in each chamber It’s possible to use the “fanning” technic Here is how you open the grip It comes with a hexagonal head so you can manipulate the C02 cartridge retaining screw And then you put back the grip like this Thanks for watching !


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