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*Airsoft Collection * Pistols & Revolver 2016 – Part 2 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

*Airsoft Collection *  Pistols & Revolver 2016  – Part 2 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

Go on. next i have a rare classic airsoft for you Marushin…. sorry maruzen A Walther PPK/S metalversion. looks like metal but it full plastic come with a metal silencer and full walther markings Too bad to play but for the collector a dream.

For james Bond fan like me a must have 🙂 GBB, 6mm BB I just like guncases. Then the overall picture is correct 🙂 next one i am not ready yet 🙂 next also from Maruzen. The Walther P38 plastic body, gbb with all markings.

Great looking replica WE has also a P38. It is in full metal but without markings. So pity 🙁 another maruzen Walther PPK/S. This is the normal plastic version. so it looks like. Full metal, a very long slide GBB, very nice replica.

i love it the little nice marushin derringer my daughter like it very much 🙂 caliber 6mm, chrome finish for the next poker game 😀 If two barrel probably not enough i have now 4 of them…. this is the marushin COP 357 i also made a review of it.

Here you can load the 4 BBs. Most beautiful Now it comes. OMG that is my absolute favorite!!! A treu collectors gun. The TANAKA M29 light out? everything OK It comes in a beautiful wood case with metal emblem “DIRTY HARRY” Inside the revolver lies in blue velvet.

The revolver is made of plastic but it has the beautyful TANAKA Jupiter finish So the replica looks like a real steel full metal revolver. Look at this beauty. This one of my favorites! Very beautiful with all S&W Markings on it.

Very nice The cylinder is also the gastank. The shells are fake. You can’t remove it. I’m very proud!!!! also a beauty in a case. a made a review of it a very ergonomic and modern weapon. this is the silencer for it.

That make the airsoft very cool looking. It is getting empty but we are not finished yet. full metal with beretta markings a classic with GBB in the 6mmm version very nice a review of this does not exist in my channel then i have a beretta US Marines M92 An absolute working bull.

I have it very long and it runs like the first day. Many BBs have already left the barrel and this WE running and running!! I love it 6mm, Gasblowback. Beautiful Difficult to get in germany due to the glock licensing rights 🙁 Full plastic but in fantastic tokyo marui quality! All Glock markings.

The advance version convert the little Glock26 in to a fullsize Glock. Now another case for you. Whatis included…. a Tokyo Marui MK23 a none Blowback airsoft gun. Currently hard to get in germany The LAM Unit is missing in the case but i have it.

…but i don’t no where A big replica. The real steels shoots the caliber .45ACP A plastic body but good quality. You can shoot a lot of BBs with one gas load. It is very precise and with the silencer also very quiet.

A perfect backup for a sniper. This is one of my very first airsoft replica i bought late in the 90th. this is a OMEGA Glock 17 GBB very nice. this is the first version of the glock 17 6mm Gas Blowback From the 90s.

.. a true classic with manual a full complete box. A Nice rare airsoft The required “F” for the german law was engraved withoit love 🙁 I am not ready yet Not a beauty in my eyes but a “must have” in a airsoft collection Plastic body.

The original markings i had to release. The shop has made them unrecognized due licensing rights 🙁 I think next year i’ll make a review of it. You see i have enough material for a year to makes reviews for you.

the last airsoft for part 2 of my collection. Desert Eagle .50AE chrome finish HARDKICK. Yeah baby yeah!!! Very nice, GBB and also a nice recoil. Exactly fitting for my big hands 😀 Click PART3 for the next Collection video.


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