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Airsoft Cheaters! Up Close Footage!

Airsoft Cheaters! Up Close Footage!

hey guys it’s hurricane and today we’re going to take a look at some controversial airsoft gameplay footage I’ll let you guys decide if you think that the players here that we shot actually cheated or not but I’m going to try to let the video speak for itself I’m going to break down every scenario that happens here and then we’ll pop in every once in a while since he was with me on some of the runs and was kind enough to contribute his side of the story as well hey guys this is Ben you can recognize me in the footage by my blue dress shirt and tie and my stubby m4 and ICSC XP 15 I’ll pop in here and there to fill in with some explanations in this game type our team is trying to capture a bomb planted by the opposite team the bomb is in a small four-sided structure called the hardware store that’s in the middle of the field now I’ll give the players we’re about to pounce on some place since you know nobody can always call every single hit that they’re hit with and sometimes our guns misfire but after making so many point blank suicide passes Ben and I were pretty frustrated that things didn’t turn out at least a little bit better even if we didn’t grab the bomb Hey I was looking down as I went whatever man I tried to make sure I saw you guys first blind-fire what the enemy player is accusing me of is when you stick your gun around the corner or over a wall but you don’t follow it up with your head or your body so you can’t see what you’re shooting at unfortunately for them it’s pretty obvious that I did not blind fire here I stuck my head through the window first was able to see who was in there where they were and then I stuck my gun through and started pulling the trigger in semi-auto all of us in and outside the building react pretty much immediately and I’d pull back out of the window and I do lose sight of my targets however I halt my semi auto firing almost immediately and I’m hit if I was truly blind firing I basically would not have been able to see those people inside the building and my camera would not have picked that up and I probably also would not have been hit at all I’ll give at least one of the players credit if my gun did misfeed but I haven’t had any problems with it miss feeding as of yet it’s a pretty new gun and was working pretty well that day on this pass I opted to slam away with my sidearm even though the first guy dodges and I run out of gas in the burst I’m pretty sure I hit the next guy that popped out I’m also pretty sure I hit him again with my primary at which point I am hit by him to my knowledge he did not call either burst now this is one of those fuzzy things where I don’t have super clear footage on it and it could have gone either way but this just adds a little bit more to the drama adds a little bit more sketchiness to people inside the building and further reinforces what I’m already thinking at this point that they’re just not calling it hardware store on this final run during the game Ben and I split up he goes left and I go right basically ensuring that will at least take a couple of the hostels out maybe even get the bomb I can’t really got any rounds left dude go back guys we got at least two of you we know that for sure all right let’s watch that again as I dance down the left side I saw one the defenders move over to that left window I brought my gun up and began firing as I approached as I aim through the window the defender jumped into my sights he and I began shooting at each other at about the same time however I have a jump on him by a fraction of a second at least there is no doubt that we both hit each other as we were just a few feet apart I’m not that bad of a shot and I know my gun was feeding perfectly at the time normally in a situation like this we would both call out just to be fair this happened many times during the previous games nevertheless this player decided that he was invincible me too that’s over now they shot my card off how did you live in the north facing them I don’t know anybody anybody I’ll put them on the world ah heaven I know me too I think I got record shade the field Kalamazoo airsoft is still a terrific place owned by great people and every field you play at you always have to deal with people who don’t call their hits and try to skirt around the rules for every person who causes the problem however there are many more who play fairly and have fun I had a great time as usual and I hope to make it back there soon


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