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Airsoft Cheater? You Decide! [E&L AK74u]

Airsoft Cheater? You Decide! [E&L AK74u]

head I’m gonna get then did not go off no okay hey guys spray and pray here and today I have some airsoft video for you I’ll let you decide for yourself after watching the video but honestly that looks like cheating to me I want my friend to play airsoft this weekend and after I was looking at the GoPro footage i found this clip and just looking at it made me really realize and rethink about how i think of other people at airsoft these guys are apparently veterans the three and the trailer there and you know the one guy in the back that i was shooting obviously and they almost come every weekend so to see them cheating is just really hilarious to me because the first timers and even the kids will call their hits but it’s always the like experience super serious into the game airsofters who don’t call it and that’s just really weird and you know it’s something that you wouldn’t expect right away playing airsoft anyways let’s talk a little bit more about this specific incident the guy in the back of the trailer their tanks a cyclone grenade which i threw in there the first thing that goes and you know explodes next to him and then there’s a couple pistol shots that I getting on him that he just you know shakes off like it was nothing an honorable player in that situation would have called himself out even though he did shoot me since it was basically at the same time we suicided on each other and should have at least both been out however as you can see I didn’t say anything about on the field and I was very polite ously I was mostly upset with my airsoft gun and the grenade because I thought that I was dry firing or the grenade was a dud or both which is why you see my hands kind of go up like I’m you know disappointed after I call hit the thing that makes this whole situation just really awful and like the worst was when I asked him after the game about it I wanted to kind of figure out and see was it my gun you know is there something like do I need to fix this gun what’s there’s something wrong with it that’s not it’s not shooting did the grenade could not go off really well and what he said to me verbatim was oh your gun was shooting I just you know it was hitting on the wall behind me and I didn’t even get hit once and that really was you know okay i guess i could have panicked so I kind of took his word for it and you know upon reviewing the footage though it’s you know completely obvious that he did get shot and he definitely should have least suicided with me and both been out now I sent a text message to my friend who was with me there that day and he replied immediately back Oh was it the guy in the black sweatshirt in the jeans so apparently he had been pretty sure that he had shot this guy a few times and that the guy in the black sweatshirt in the blue jeans didn’t call it so that combined with this video just makes me think that you know maybe the entire day they could have been cheating and maybe all those games that we played it was just a lie and you know it wasn’t oh it really ruins the experience because 99% of airsoft is honorable you have to be very honorable and if like you know there’s very few situations where you can sit there and shoot someone and be like oh I know I absolutely got them and you know it’s very mutual understanding a lot of the times you have to rely on each other to just be honest and say when you got hit or not and when people don’t do that it completely ruins the game so it’s really awful to see experienced players do this because you know of course like at the beginning the video I said you kind of expect this out of new players little kids and stuff but in my experience so finding our self that’s completely the opposite case usually those people kids new players are very good about calling their hits and it’s the experienced honestly super serious douche bags that are the ones who don’t call their hits so I mean it’s just completely topsy turvy when you really get into it from what you would initially think and what made it worse too besides that was that the ref was talking about these guys in the safe area earlier and he was like oh yeah earlier in the day they were taking all the rest of the walk-ons so it was those three guys versus like five six guys that were other walk-ons before we got there and he was like yeah they were doing really good against those guys well now we know why they were doing really good against those guys that were the walk-ons because they’re cheating and you know anyone can do good an airsoft if you just sit there and don’t call your hit that’s pretty easy and kind of ruins the game so don’t worry guys I’ll play this clip at the end here I did get them back a little bit and it kind of almost makes up for them ruining the day but you know here I’ll show you and then it’s kind of funny sorry alright and there will be more airsoft videos coming shortly guys I have a lot of guns and a lot of gameplay now that i have recorded so i’m going to be posting up a bunch of it for you guys see you the next one spray and pray out


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