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Airsoft Cheater or Caught in the Moment?

Airsoft Cheater or Caught in the Moment?

hey guys mike from temporary sofa come here quick video just to get your guys opinion on this incidentally scene unfolding here play again in a minute slow motion would sound basically pop around a corner each other and I fire a couple shots he dives back around the corner you see here are fired shots there by my he dives on the corner I keep moving forward not known if it’s taking his hair fire three shots they are definitely hitting there which was seen him in slow motion and you know it gives me burst and then keeps moving it gives another burst I’m not coming out I right cheer it was ears a rental I’m thinking from the rest of the day and I say around think he is new to the sport and I’m entirely convinced it was intentional the marshals gave maturing out about continuing on fire he said he was aiming at someone it behind me just happened to get me but you know I don’t want to sure it’s hard to say really so give your opinion in the comments you know let me know what you think and whether you’re not you think is just intentional or if it’s just one of those things you know he at the moment you see our party shots and got on the corner fire three shots I get there and then a reverse a big get a little bit annoyed initially and then realize that you know play it’s you know it’s just again so here we go so emotional moving up in the corner two shots he moves now looks like one of those shots may of hitting one went under his arm although non Tyler’s shorts hard to say but again it comes out three flat tires okay and you get another mess I cannot show you again slowly cuckold couple of shots he disappears around the corner and then I’ll put three rounds insulin from the hell you know you know so guys there we have it that’s the incident you know let me know what you guys think he’s a comment below you do you think it was intentional do you think just one of those things cool in the moment that unfortunately is a side effect of airsoft you know there’s no way of marking your target once you’ve hit him like in other sports like paintball you know it is a game of trust so do you think it was intentional do you think he you know it’s just to heat the moment what do you think I’m being unreasonable by even asking a question you know leave comments below never know what you think if that’s you you know you in the video or if it’s if you know the guy leave a comment I’ve got a feeling or I’d like to think that an experienced player in that situation would you know cool themselves out realizing that they probably didn’t feel the hit I have a full video of my game day at the sandpit on Friday 17 [ __ ] over 2014 you know to keep an eye out for that and so let me know what you think in the comments as I said this is not a witch hunt you know I don’t want to our rights call the guy cheat I think it’s I’m very on the fence with with this one but you know let me know your opinions and you know it’s just a reminder to everyone don’t lose your cool if you think someone is [ __ ] our chickens pigs the marshal don’t lose your cool it’s not worth getting yourself kicked off a site because you’ve lost your rag with someone because the cheating you know at the end of the day it’s a sport we do this for fun and you know let’s keep it enjoyable as I said let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe if you like the videos you’re not the stuff we’re putting out and


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