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Airsoft Cheater IGNORES 9 HITS | Airsoft Sniper Gameplay


Hey whatsupp guys, today I’m playing at Wild Mountain together with Silo! In this mission there is 1 spy on each team that can change the color of there bandade ingame. The they need to capture the Intel from 5 people that are wearing blue bandade’s. They need that intel to be able to trade with the germans to get some drugs from them. The team with the most drugs, wins. I got one blue bandade so I have to watch out for the spy that might come in to me. We decided to go up in the container first to over see the field and make some long range shots. Well that’s it for this sniper gameplay video, make sure you also check out Silo’s gameplay footage. Because we will be making more gameplay video’s together. I hope you all enjoyed it and if you did don’t forget to leave a like and a sub for more video’s just like this. I see you guys next week. .


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