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Airsoft CHEATER caught on Camera

Airsoft CHEATER caught on Camera

hello guys current game-mode is capture the flag my mission is to make sure no one gets close to our team’s flag as you will see I’m having multiple troubles with a cheater let’s call him Sean I hit his body and he clearly reacts to it but doesn’t call the hit shame on you John he falls back and shows up at the left corner of the building again I tried to take him out once more again Shawn doesn’t call the hit let’s try it again not cool charm not cool looks like his friend is playing airsoft and God mode too for all the cheetahs out there you’re ruining this awesome sport fair play is the basic principle of airsoft so call your hits or stop playing this game our team managed to steal the enemy’s flag therefore we want this match outside new game-mode is team deathmatch my strategy is to use the tunnels of the game area to come up and attack from different spots where the enemies don’t expect I spotted a flashlight on the end of this tunnel so at one of mine and wait for the enemy to come closer I clear the way to a wooden Tower in the middle of the playfield from there I will have new angles of fire the frozen ground makes it difficult to run fast because my worn out shoes I’m having a hard time running on the ice no no Chicago if you guys like this gameplay don’t forget to hit the subscribe buttons also find knowledge on Instagram for more airsoft sniper content


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