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Airsoft CHEATER caught on Camera 2 – NOVRITSCH

Airsoft CHEATER caught on Camera 2 – NOVRITSCH

What’s up guys in this gameplay? I’m catching a cheater on camera multiple times It’s one of those guys who are ruining this awesome sport by completely disrespecting the most important rule in Airsoft Which is fair play? But let me tell you the entire story For now, the Game-mode is concur the hill I’m working my way along the lowest line of the field which is this river once I clear the area around I’m going to slowly advance up And right there I get the cheater in my crosshairs the first time let’s call him juggernaut john the cheater That shot missded let’s try again That was clear hit the ref isn’t really helping by keeping his eyes shut John even reacted to the hit, but didn’t call it.

Let’s just shoot him once more to see what happens and Again clear hit on the elbow I could hear the impact on this bDU even from my position There is no way that he isn’t aware of his cheating another clear hit And another clearly drunk ref Come on.

Shawn get your ass back to the respawn All right, enough let’s shoot him in the balls Now the juggernaut john the cheater , and his mates are out of game I can work my way further uphill and can also heal my ssG 24 buddy to get shot by john early on There is no enemies left on the hill we won What? Come here Busan Near on start and decides changed now.

It’s are chance to defend They are already a lot closer than I expected It’s too many of them. Let’s get out of here and find new cover At my new position my back is covered, but I’m completely exposed in Front And I’m not even sitting in the shade not the best sniping position, but right now the priority is to be covered towards my back in those situations I love the ssg 24 I can just chill here and take down the enemies one by one but still being out of range of their aeg that right There is airsoft sniping the way it should be And that movement right gave away my position Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this gameplay.

Let me know about the worst experience you ever had with the cheater in the comments below This is norvisth see guys next Monday Medic! Medic medic!


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