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Airsoft CHEATER calls me A CHEATER! (Argument)

Airsoft CHEATER calls me A CHEATER! (Argument)

I got you, No I shot you, I shot you two times before you shot me Hey what’s going on guys I’m back at the old military base in Germany with my sniper comrade silo and the game what we’re playing is domination Silo and I got the task to infiltrate an enemy territory to hold them off of getting close to friendly forces However, a ton of enemy players got a bit salty and toggled their god mode on.

I have never seen this amount of cheating before it is unreal. There is even cheater that calls me a cheater Anyways, I hope you enjoy and if you do leave a like in this video We are getting dropped at the frontline of the battlefield and we have to be quick to infiltrate enemy territory But right away we get enemies in our side I got one look Oh Dear We got a girl Call it! God dammit.

Oh, he did call it cool. He called it Whoa, I’m getting sniped. I need to move out. I got under enemy sniper fire and I had to retreat I decided to flank them from one of the buildings on the left flank But this is where the godmode gets started This is starting to piss me off seems like they’re asking for headshots before calling their hits I rather not shoot them in the face.

So for now I’ll give the other players the benefit of the doubt Since most enemies probably got my location. I can hear lots of enemy forces entering my building I decided to hide in the closet and wait for my opportunity to Surprise them It Didnt fire, good job, didn’t fire.

Oh nothing came out. oh im out, Im Out! No its ok, its ok.. ok After the respawn, I quickly made my way into enemy territory And right away got close to enemy forces. I’m waiting for them to pass by and then take them out Oh, I Got you I shot you two times before you shot me I shoot you two times and then you fired do you think.

… whatever? I’ll call it, No worries. This Guy tells me he hit at me? Yes, he did Shoot me one time after I already him one time and two more shots were needed before he called his hits Let’s take a look at what happened.

The first guy runs in my site and it’s three shots before he calls his hits, then he comes around to corner with his rifle Not even aiming at me and releasing his first shot that obviously missed, right away I shot him in the chest before he could release the second shot I keep firing at him since he didn’t call it right away meanwhile he fires a couple time at me and he hits me.

Decided not to call the hit since I wasn’t letting my game getting more ruined by these cheaters He then starts complaining as she could hear and I was a bit frustrated and I decided to call it and go back to respawn after The respawn I got called in on the left flank that there are a ton of enemy players pushing towards one of the capture points With the increased accuracy and range it will be easier for me to take them down Here we go,.

.. Nice, Nice! Woah, Nice! Sorry? There… there are some upstairs. Their enemies Two down Hit! Unfortunately, I got taken down from an enemy player below but friendly forces have cleared the building and make sure no enemies found a way To the capture points.

Anyways, that’s it guys. Thanks for watching. The field is awesome. It’s just too bad so many enemy players toggled their gobd mode on I have never Experienced anything like this before and I hope I will never have to again in the future And let me know in the comment section down below if you ever experienced something like this before And make sure to check out Silos gameplay.

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