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what’s up guys it’s me Aaron from HOA airsoft and today I have a little bit of a cheater clip for you guys so he’s going through my footage you know trying to send it into when my teammates for him to edit and then you know put together a montage and I notice I have this cheater clip now um what happened was I did it a little half way rushes up to that to the UN truck just to you know provides a support for my teammates to move up and hit the hundred and you know Russian and so on and so forth and I what I had noticed was I got three people out and those people were honestly calling them idiots but you’ll see at the corner of the box there will be an arrow pointing up to where there is a kid you know he has a die on you can sort of see him click on the HD version a little bit more in the slo-mo version but you can see him pick out peak out and I keep hitting him and it’s quite obvious that I keep hitting him especially with an mp7 from that range you know there’s no way I’m missing him and it’s it’s enough to hit him and I even heard the baby’s hitting his diamonds and even afterwards the teammate proceeded to talk to him and tell him to call his hits because he even saw him get hit and you know one of the other guys took it to the refs and that was it I don’t know what happened after that but you know it was just something that that happened that day and you know just call your hates guys you know it makes the sport fun and worth playing so I mean if if we all do that the world would be such much such a better place I’m just kidding but um in other news we are now officially sponsored by K Tech airsoft the company company that makes amplifiers so definitely be sure to check them out guys for some awesome awesome that’s one of our teammates actually has a k-tec amplifier and E is in love with it I’ve been picking one up soon so be expecting your views on that tune actually so yeah guys thank you so much for watching you know just a little clip out here for you guys will be a posting some montages soon uh


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