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(Airsoft) Blind Rage – M249 Daytona Kit – 60 FPS & Scopecam

(Airsoft) Blind Rage – M249 Daytona Kit – 60 FPS & Scopecam

TTJ : All much as we are, we are “free electron” (move as we wish) The aim will be to interact with the orders that they are going to give us. Otherwise it’s to go as deep as possible behind the enemy lines and wait.

If a guy gets “OUT”, we do not move until the 30 seconds have not passed. He is being healed, or it is “OUT” but it does not capture. We do not have time to go get it, move on to the armory… This will be a hassle.

So we abandons no one behind HQ Kirsov : Gentlemen ! We will begin in a moment. Refer to your Squad Leader, refer to your Platoon Leader and everything will be fine. Gentlemen ! Once again, you play as the elite US troops.

You play the American elite ! Gentlemen ! I will now check that everyone is fit, everyone is awake… …everybody is attentive. So, bloody hell ! Give me your guts as soon as I tell you and show me that you are warriors ! Now ! New in-game video OP WildTrigger “Blind Rage” ! This battle includes some fire support, tactical progression and some epic moments ! Night party will not be visible, for lack of adequate equipment.

.. … but I’m working for that ! I am equipped with an A&K M249 with Daytona Kit Gun and my 1911 Marui. Without real “global goal”, other than to kick some ass, this video traces our journey from US HQ building to “Bank White” and “Red” and through some dark basement.

We are RANGER-4 and this is a piece of our history ! Stuck in our progress in the Village, Skyuta and I are developing a strategy to take a building. Me : It’s it’s open or closed ? Me : (Radio) Skyuta, hurry.

.. Tornado in 3,2,1… Me : Can I have your autograph ? Me : Thank you for listening. We can go inside. Me : Thank you for listening to my show ! However, sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself, and run fast.

Me : “Pan ! You’re OUT “. It lacks some fire support, right ? Me : Are they ready ? Skyuta : Yes we are ! Me : Skyuta, we are in direction of the basement. The problem with cars is that they makes many noise ! Me : The buggy was neutralized.

Hamza : We move ? Me: I would try to rush… Hamza : Fire support ? Me : Yes I go. You are ready ? My turn to be covered. We finally arrive in the basement in order to discover the beer drinkers’s sect .

.. Me : A guru who drinks the Desperado (beer), this may not necessarily be a bad guru. Having found only empty bottles, we go out with the rage from tunnels ! Me : Move yourself a little to the left. Thank you ! Me : Go ! I cover you.

Me : You did a teamkill on my buddy ! Hamza : Your pistol was hit. Me : Well, I have no more pistol… Me : Skyuta ! Is that you who shooting at us ? SKyuta : No ! First door on the left. Hamza : It will be hard to go through it ! Hamza : Go ! Go ! Go ! But we are also able to do battle with fineness ! Occasionally… FOE : You’re OUT.

.. No, I’m kidding. Warning : Duel ! Me : US ! Me : It’s fun ! Me : It was hard. Me: Wow ! We are both OUT, but it was really great ! Intelligence… That is important ! Me : It’s not me ! Me : They are far away.

They move away. Me : They are… 5 meters away… approximately. Teammate : Thank alot Fab ! Me : At your service !


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