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The trees, the trees! Got him! OP Dark Emergency The first commercial airsoft game, which did ever exist in Germany With about 400 players, it’s deserved to be called “Big Game” The event had a duration about 3 days With 4 parties, many attractions and the possibility of VIP tickets The advantages of this? You’ll see in this video! I was invited by the presenter: Airsofthelden to film their event Events like “Resident Evil” made Airsofthelden famous for their events What is so special about this OP? It’s really modern, especially with the electricity here The impression is really professional and the location is just amazing I think it will be a great weekend with a lot of fun for all of us We already visited the “Resident Evil” and really liked it So we hope this will be comparable, and maybe even better You don’t like leaving your tent alone, hm? – Never! It took place on Airfield Mahlwinkel, an 35 hectare big varied area There are many buildings, a forest, a bunker and military stands There was also the possibility to build your own stands with materials Because the area was so big, the players could use ingame-cars So there were self-made trunks and a SUV from “Kommando ATA” I was allowed to drive it myself, thank you again! What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have balls?! So when I push this button, the car is out of action On the area the players could buy something to eat from a caterer The common heavy prices like on e.g. “Boarderwar” didn’t exist here Besides you could buy a VIP ticket, which included breakfast&lunch This possibility on an airsoft event is unique The extra charge is in cost- performance-ratio very fair Alike I was surprised by the sanitary facilities on-site There were warm water and clean toilets, which is totally unusual At the entrance became clear, how well organized this event is The security checked, if the rules for the transport of weapons were kept Switch the car off, adduct the handbrake and get out Open the cargo bay.Seems empty.. this is the weapon, yes? We were friendly welcomed and got Bio BBs,which are obligatory on the event Did you boast a team name while booking? – Team “Ants” maybe Do you like a tape or a clip? – Ahm, tape. This is always good First your munition, and here are the basic rules for you If there are any questions, just ask the Orga. Have fun! Why is every player getting BBs? What is the background? The operator wants the players to only use bio munition And for
this reason every player receives one package of this-cool! A highlight was the stage, which guaranteed good music all the time Here was raffled off many prizes, e.g. a Systema PTW Number 367! Ah, there’s the winner! Another winner is the 278! Does anyone want to have this? M4 PTW SYSTEMA! And the winner is the number..426! Come up to the stage, please Congratulations! Take the baby. Is it your first one? While the designation the players were surprised by a show Let the professor go! -Which professor? There is no professor! What do you mean?-Of course there is a professor! While the event the truck could be used for souvenir pictures In addition to the main game there was a combat shooting I won this accidentally with another player, that I got to know there Our new team “Pony Power” won the Team Combat Shooting! Before the game started, all weapons were chroned. Also while the game there were a lot of marshals Because of paramedics, there could be medical help made sure Your job is the safety here? Yes right, injuries of every sort Even in the game were fire extinguishers, so it was safe Good evening!…I think I’ll leave. GOOD EVENING! I’m here to introduce us to them, who don’t know yet who we are The idea for Airsofthelden was born 3 years ago, while “Resident Evil” Our goal was a great airsoftgame which a LARP influence To make this legal, we had to solve so many paperwork And now we’re proud to tell you, we worked this out The game was leaded by two guides: Oldschool and Finn All team guides, please collect your players in the HQ You two go forward, we safe the surrounding Snipers and other players could use the area for their benefit The buildings ensured alternation and the striking tower was hard contested I liked the consequent reaction on problems of the Orga while the game So it was e.g.Forbidden to shoot through the holes, because of danger Yes, he is hit! But so am I! Altogether there were 2 game days, including lots of exciting missions The weather was comfortable, the players knew how to use the heat Future there will be more events by Airsofthelden, because of this success Tickets are available on This was my first video in this form, if you liked it, rate it like this! If this video appeals, I will do similarly videos in the future More videos of this event, will follow soon!


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