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Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Eye Protection

Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Eye Protection

Morning ladies and gents I’m Stuart from Patrol Base and today we’re going to talk about the differences between mesh and glasses when it comes to eye protection as part of our new player introduction videos we want to give you the best advice that we can when you’re making your choice when you’re starting this sport So to start this video we’re going to talk about mesh eye protection we’ve got a couple of choices of mesh out protection here.

Normally it’s made out of sheet stamped steel, and has foam around the back to create a nice positive seal when it’s on your face. The pros of this is the heat can escape very very easily prevent in any form of fog up so you’re not going to start losing vision or finding it difficult to see enemy targets at range.

The upside of this is also the very small holes in this nowhere near big enough for a BB to go through so don’t worry about that, but small bits of debris, dust, dirt, and anything like that if you’re crawling around can make their way through and then you’ll have maybe have to leave game clean them up and get back in.

Another minor negative for mesh glasses is because they slightly impair your vision if you’re going into somewhere that’s quite dark a building CQB or if it’s coming into the evening in winter time you will lose some of your natural vision with the sort of blurry effect that it gives you slightly.

So the next thing we’re going to talk about is polycarbonate glasses, usually the classic form of eye protection when it comes to Airsoft. There’s an absolutely massive scale when it comes to polycarbonate there’s smoked glasses that you can see here with the Bollé™ They’re slightly tinted so you also have polarized eye protection, and these are basically sunglasses that are ballistically protected.

They’re always labeled with polarized and these are for when you’re playing in summer on very bright days. There’s also yellow frames these high light targets at distance and increase the light coming through the glasses, makes it very easy to see targets at range.

Benefit for the polycarbonate ones is these have an actual industry standard ballistic rating so when these are hit by bb’s you know there are a hundred percent safe. Another bonus for these is like with the Sawflys that you can see here: on the inside they have an insert so that you can get prescription glasses fitted inside them When it comes to the pros and cons with polycarbonate, the pros are you get very very good field of view there’s very little degradation towards your vision especially at range, going inside and outside of buildings you’re gonna be very very good.

When it comes to the downsides sometimes people get fogging up issues: sweat on the glasses and it becomes very difficult to see. There’s many many ways to stop this we have our ex fog system that’s in stock now it blows air around the top of the glasses and if constant flow of air of the glasses prevents them from fogging up.

A second way of stopping it is Bollé produce anti fog wipes, sprays, everything like that. Produces a little film over the back of the glasses again preventing fogging up. The final way to do it the Dye mask over here, and the Dye mask lens that’s yellow they have what’s called a thermal layer there’s two sheets of plastic and a pair gap between again this creates a nice little thermal layer for them prevents the steam and the condensation building on the inside of the glasses.

The biggest negative that some people have with polycarbonate ones like this is they are quite difficult to find the right set for your face we always recommend coming in store try on as many pairs as you can and just make sure you get the one that fits your face properly you don’t want to find any gaps under your eyes here around the back here and seeing them sit off your face slightly.

One final note some sites may not allow a mesh or must provide full face protection check with your local site or wherever you’re going to go play airsoft and make sure you abide by their rules before you turn up so you not dissapointed on the day.

Thanks for watching and look forward to the next new player introduction video


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