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Airsoft Battle | Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES | La Meilleure Défense…

Airsoft Battle | Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES | La Meilleure Défense…

Airsoft’s battle on the site “Metropolis”. I use an AA-12 AES from Tokyo Marui and a M45A1 from Cybergun. Me : Two “OUT”. We can move forward. Game of type “Rush” : Attack & Defense of buildings with change of role at break lunch.

And there we defend what was ZN building. Me : I cover the back door. Me : Get away ! Step aside ! The building is about to be lost. The enemy returns from all sides. From then on, we will fall back to defend another building and so on.

For the time being, we saves time. Me : You got your armband ? Me : There’s the game master that bothers us ! Second building. Me : Go clean up there. There is only one way to prevent them from returning.

This is the only entrance of the building. So, as much attempt a suicide mission, to energize all this. Me : Attack ! Me : Hey ! I was joking ! Go inside the building ! To make the situation harder for the assailant, our spawn is outside the building.

So… well… Exchange ! Now, we are attacking. And there, without anyone to watch their back, well… FOE : Did not I touch you ? Me : Ah, surely. But me too ^^ Me : Me too, apparently. Me : Floor ? Teammate : Second floor, left window.

Teammate : You may have more accuracy than me. Teammate : Ah shit ! Teammate : I’m not a doctor. Me : Me, yes. Teammate : Ah ok ! Me : You see it ? On the second floor, on the left ? Me : I will do a bullshit ! Me : Shit.

You are “OUT” definitive … Me : What were you doing on the trajectory of my BB ? OUT ! Last building of the day with long corridors. A single entry and a single staircase for access to the floor. Hard, very hard.

Teammate : The rebounds, is it counts ? Me : No. Me : Grenade (mytho) ! Time to try some negotiation. Me : Grenade or not ? Me : Because I see you in the mirror, you with your glasses, your blue T-shirt and your black waistcoat.

.. FOE: Grenade… Me : Okay ! Me : Double kill. There was the mirror, there.


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