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Airsoft Battle | LCT RPKS74MN AEG | Metropolis

Airsoft Battle | LCT RPKS74MN AEG | Metropolis

Me : I do not know where we are. Valouche : Me neither. Me : And I do not know where they all go. Valouche : Uh … Me neither. Me : The world is divided into two categories. The olds and the youngs. Me : And the very old.

First game on the new “Metropolis” battlefield of the company WildTrigger. The site is in old hospital complex with many buildings. What says new, also says need for adjustment. Lots of closed doors, forbidden areas and a US spawn (that day) very very out of the way ! I use today a RPK74M AEG LCT from Airsoft-EntrepĂ´t and my KWC M45A1 .

.. and my BATES USMC. Yes, we walk a lot XD The Doctor must always remain behind … well, I think. Ah! It was me the Doctor ??? Me : I’m doing a suppression shot. Can you move on? Valouche : Is there another way out? Me : No.

Valouche : Yeah … Not convinced the Valouche! Me : You can move forward. Me : He’s gone. We should go! All Weaken ? XD Me : They start quickly ! Me : The second is healed. Well, we’re going to shop around ! Me : I’m going back.

Me : I’m a doctor, if need be. A little luck, as I was going to get out of my “cul de sac”. Hamza : What is this room ? Me : It’s a room where it’s very boring to go in and out. … and where there is nothing interesting.


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