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Airsoft Battle | LCT RPK74SMN + Daytona Kit | La discrétion ? Pourquoi faire ?

Airsoft Battle | LCT RPK74SMN + Daytona Kit | La discrétion ? Pourquoi faire ?

New game on the WildTrigger site “The Hangar”. And I use here a LCT RPKS74MN equipped with a Daytona AK LCT kit. It is an HPA system with Blowback. Eh yes ! Don’t feel bbs can happens to everyone ! FOE : I touched you.

Me : Sorry ? FOE : You did not feel it, but i hit you right there. Me : And did I touch you ? FOE : Oh yeah, you hit me. Me : Okay, sorry. Me : There’s one right there. FOE : Well done. Me : Thank you.

Me : They are there but I can not see them. Teammate : They’re just downstairs. Well, we’re going to get down then ! They discusse. They will have a nasty surprise. Except that this will not happen as expected.

Poor appreciation. FOE : You did not touch me. Me : You were talking while walking. I thought you were “OUT”. Me : It does not matter. It’s my fault. GameMaster : It’s a bad case, but it’s like that. Me : It does not matter.

FOE : Sorry. Me : I’m Medic. I can be cared for. Oh yeah ! I’ll be healed. Come get some ! Me : Hurry up. Hurry up XD Me : Someone came to heal me. It’s nice ! FOE : You got your revenge. Me : Notice that I switched to semi mode.

I could have done that in full mode (RPK). FOE: You got your revenge. Me : It does not matter, it’s also the game. FOE : The guy was explaining me how this cube works. Me : It’s just that I see two guys chatting.

I think : “They’re OUT, I’m not gonna shoot them again.” Teammate : Fab ! Be calm ! Me : They are very very far away ! Teammate : Calm down, come on. Me : I’m testing the Daytona kit. It is not my fault, it must be breaking-in.

At the level of the main objectives of the day : retrieval of items and info to open a safe. Four digits to find on the ground and a letter that one gets by retrieving a huge green fuse. Me : Go get the tube.

Me : Bring him back quickly. Me : Camo coming home ! Note that the precision is good with the original Inner Barrel and despite the vibrations. Me : Enemy down. You have to watch that side. It is not simple when one is tired and under pressure ! Looking for a safe code.

Mouarf ! What I can tell as nonsense XD Me : 6915B Me : We all go back to the spawn. End of the day. Ideal time to run everywhere ! Teammate : Grenade ? Me : No. A race to death. Me : I will scream OUT.

Me : Maybe I got you too.


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