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Airsoft Battle | KSC Kriss Vector HPA | Fairplay m’a Tuer

Airsoft Battle | KSC Kriss Vector HPA | Fairplay m’a Tuer

New game on the battlefield “Casern” of Wildtrigger society ! I use a KSC/KWA Kriss Vector HPA and a Cybergun M45 CO2. A game that will mix the best and the worst … It’s also that, Airsoft ! Me : Two dude OUT.

They are taking our spawn. Valouche : Move away from the windows. Me : As long as they just see me, it suits me. Given the impossibility of going out on this side, I decided to go around, even though I was very exposed.

But taking risks, sometimes, it pays. FOE : You kiss me ? Me : Not now. Tonight. Good. And the infirmary ? That gives what ? Me : I try, I try. FOE : You frightened us all the same. FOE : I touched you in CIRAS.

Me : Yes, it was clean. No problem. Me : I did not expect such a welcome. FOE : There’s the mastodon in the corner … We have the pressure. When I have an idea in mind ! We go back ! Me : I’m going to make a bullshit.

Me : Grenade. Me : Grenade. There is a lot of people. It’s now or never. Me : I follow you. Me : Well, here it is ! Too much confidence in me ? Erf… Apparently, there was one. Nice grenade anyway. Warning ! Epic Sequence ! And with a mastodon.

Repeat the sequence once or twice. FOE : Fuck ! Me : You’re not OUT ? FOE : No. Me : Why this “Fuck” ? FOE : I saw the mastodon. That’s all. We could legitimately think this dude was “OUT”, right ? ^^ Me : There is one left behind the sentry box.

Me : Behind the sentry box. Move to the right ! The Kriss is set to 330 fps. Me : They arrive ! T800 : Number of human losses, zero. Me : Drop it…


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