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Airsoft Battle | GSG 522 PK AEG | Les Cibles Multiples

Airsoft Battle | GSG 522 PK AEG | Les Cibles Multiples

Me : We go to this building and we go through the hole. Valouche : Are you aware that you have not removed the protective cover from your GoPro ? Me : I could not start it ! You scared me. Dumbass ! New battle on the site “The Hangar” of the company WildTrigger.

I play with a GSG 522 PK, my M45A1 Cybergun and … Valouche *cough* Return to the Kill point. A place full of opportunities. The “vegetable crater” for those who know the place. With the WT rule of “I am OUT, I count up to 30”, we have plenty of useful info .

.. and that I’m not supposed to have. And that sound covers my progression. My subtle way of saying “Accelerate Guys !” But apparently misunderstood. Me : Valouche ? Do you think it’s normal for the Medic to be a scout .

..? Valouche : You want always to get past first ! Buzy : You want to play all the roles. Teammate : And you’re addicted to morphine too … That’s why ! I see you… …and without stock, the GoPro touches the Eotech.

Me : I’m a Medic ! Me : Back in the game ! Come on ! The guy who wants to fight with a touch of violence in the voice XD Out of ammo. It is not the moment ! Decidedly, I manage badly my mags today. Me : An enemy, right on the edge of the wall ! I hope the second FOE against the wall has been eliminated, otherwise .

.. Me : Good ! We’re gonna make a bullshit. Me : Is there one in there ? Valouche : In the mezzanine upstairs. Valouche : Do you know if there’s any foe other building ? Me : Uh … no. FOE : Well done ! Me : We tried .



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