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Airsoft Battle | Cyma RPK-74 AEG | Casern Begins

Airsoft Battle | Cyma RPK-74 AEG | Casern Begins

Here is a video that comes out with a little (much) delay. This is my first part on “Casern”. I play in “Civil” with the TRAC Team. It is a “test and discovery” part of the terrain. For example, respawns change location during play.

I use that day a RPK Cyma and a M45A1 KWC which are both at 330 fps. This is important. Me : Covered ! There are people on both sides ! Me : Oh ! A murderess ! Skyuta : Fab ! There, there are heights.

You will have a point of view. Me : Here I come. Me : It remains some ennemies between the plastic shelter and the wall. The problem with the “moving spawns”, is that we are not necessarily informed. And as a reminder, the RPK is at 330 fps and we have the right to burst up to 3 seconds .

.. to prepare you. Me : Area cleared. But I don’t understand the spawn. Me : It seems, your spawn has changed. Where is he? FOE : There, the last house. Me : Good. We’ll leave then. We take advantage of the apparent calm.

I still remain on guard, in case … Me : Contact ! Me : Thanks for the support ! Me : ORLY ! Guys ! Me : I missed my shot. Vince : On whom ? Me : Ah ! You did not feel it. Vince: You shot me? Skyuta : He’s a Highlander.

Me : You did not say OUT. It is not beautiful to grow old. At that time all the side roads were not yet open. It was necessary to improvise. Here, barbed wire problem. Me : This is not the time to have cramps.

TTJ : I hope this is not a dead-end bastard band. Me : Me too. Anyway. It was worth it ! Vince: I told you to take the 1911 Marui. To the question: “What is a reflex shot?” The answer in the sequel. It’s a story with a good ending but still .

.. After viewing that, I think I shot a part of his vest. I decide to pose the RPK and attack them with my M45A1. I think at this very moment that the person I just touched was exfiltered by his teammates.

Me : I’m sorry. I did not see where you were. FOE : She’s in it ? (The BB) FOE: No, I’m deaf. Me : Ah ! It’s that noise the problem ? I prefer that. FOE : You shot near my ear. Me : I’m sorry. FOE : 2 cm more and it was the head.

Me : It’s my fault. It’s my fault. Me : I’m OUT. It’s clear. He’s going to rest and the others can go on. Me : It’s complicated in the cellars. Me : Really sorry. FOE : It does not matter. FOE : I did not expect you to go out in fact.

Me : I remove the RPK and I said “it’s now or never”. FOE : I stretched out my hand and said, “Save me!” Me : I thought he was going to extract you to take care of you. FOE : Not even. I turn around and I see you there.

Me : I hear you shoot and I say “Good. I lost one ear.”


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