Home Airsoft Loadouts Airsoft Auvergne 6mm Mazayes Diaboloman Romeo-soft 5/05/2014

Airsoft Auvergne 6mm Mazayes Diaboloman Romeo-soft 5/05/2014

Airsoft Auvergne 6mm Mazayes Diaboloman Romeo-soft 5/05/2014

Hi all !!! litlle airsoft game with 20 players from auvergne6mm to begin, lot of trinomial battle when you’re hit, go to respawn and wait 2 others players to continue my gopro is in medium (forget) it’s will be change later think hit him .

.. but not and I take an headshot I go with 2 others players one is already hit farther on the limit of the field we trying to be discreet ennemy to your 12 my teamate is hit, I’m alone now ennemy to 5 m take my GBB .

.. cold this morning and with the fullmetal … let’s go with 2 others players an other group arrive i heard someone behind me … right on my neck it’s hurt X) forget to put an HIT here something shining (ennemy) don’t attach my helmet so fall with the surprise second part of the video we are 7 and we must destroy the ennemy base, they are 11 we have a medic not them, but they have some respawn that we must destroy fortunately your medic can heal infinately we are in the middle of all their respawn .

.. we will try to go to the left limit seik get an vocal and I don’t see the ennemy medic arrive but be careful the ennemy is close medic : “in crawling maybe …” heard him and go, but to closer to shoot with M4, I continue an other one here he advances quietly and don’t see me encircle get eliminate easily so revenge this time go to the right limit seik spotting an ennemy respawn I go for destroy it seik see an ennemy to your 3 but I see anything movement on my 9, teamate or ennemy i don’t know but It was teamate ­čÖé seik show the sniper behind me fortunately he was here I missed him seik shot but miss him he run, let’s hunt he stops and aims, get cover let’s go find seik don’t find him and think hear “game over” so I turn off my gopro in doubt I find the ennemy base and destroy hit so victory ­čÖé like and suscribe


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