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Airsoft – ASG Strike Systems MXR 18 [ENG sub]


Hi everyone welcome to the Lair today for a new overview and I’m going to talk about ASG Strike Systems BB guns low price guns for beginners but also for seasoned players who want a backup gun! let’s gooooo and before starting I’d like to thank ASG as well as Destockage-games for providing this rifle this is the Combat MXR18,one of the four Strike Systems rifles they’re part of the SportLine range at ASG and there are four models I’ve only seen three but there’s also a tan version of the left one maybe Gear Locker was here and stole some, that’s what they do…MSRP for the Strike Systems is around 200€ but you can buy them at 169.90 on Destockage-games website that’s a bargain but we’ll see if we can do more for you guys… we’ll talk about it later on. let’s pass on the box to discover what’s inside a complete pack to go to the field starting with a manual still three models here, the tan one is missing this is mysterious everything is well explained and you can find some useful references extra mags, BBs, battery then there’s a battery charger it comes with a UK adapter this is the simplest charger you can find to charge the provided battery which is a 8.4V 1100mAh NiMh “nunchuck” NiMh batteries are now outdated but for a beginner pack that’s alright new players may not want to use LiPo chargers and batteries they just want to plug and play the important thing is that the motor rotates! then there’s a polymer-made hi-cap magazine it can contain up to 300BBs nice ASG markings here the spring wheel and this is where you pour BBs so you’ve got everything to go playing except for BBs so what we’re going to do in partnership with Destockage-Games is to give you a promo code and you’ll get two free packs of 0.25g BBs with each Strike system you buy! I’ve said Destockage-Games a lot but let’s hear it another time! if you still don’t know where the replica comes from, I can’t do anything for you guys! but let’s discover the gun now wow it’s not light! hoooo there’s a cleaning rod! I like that some more expensive packs don’t even have cleaning rods! here’s the ASG Strike Systems Combat MXR18 they worked together with SRC this is an AR-15 platform ah, there’s a bit of polystyrene here! this gun is mainly made of polymer the stock here there are 6 positions it is a bit wobbly but that’s often the case with this kind of parts the butt plate is also plastic-made we can remove it to access the battery compartment that’s a mini
Tamiya plug, and you can use batteries up to three elements one inside the tube and one on each side let’s insert the original battery one element on each side, plug the battery put the butt plate back and you’re good to go there’s plenty of space to use a 7.4V LiPo battery I wouldn’t recommend using 11.1V batteries some users burnt the MOSFET and the inner parts may not be strong enough I’m not sure that ASG and SRC would recommend 11.1V LiPos either keep in mind that they provide a 8.4V NiMh battery I think I’ll use 7.4V LiPos back to the rifle, the stock is plastic-made but the tube is made of metal the ergonomic pistol grip is made of plastic the motor screw here don’t touch it if not needed the grip is quite comfy I prefer those than the regular M4 grips both receivers are made of plastic there are some markings including a unique serial number the name of the gun here the three-position fire selector it is not ambidextrous there’s a notch here but it doesn’t move the bolt assistance is also made of plastic it is useless on AEGs the mag release is made of plastic but the charging handle is metal-made pull it to uncover the hop-up adjusting wheel it is an “old” model with multiple gears nowadays brands tend to use “radial” wheels the bolt catch doesn’t work and the dust cover is also made of plastic here there’s no doubt given the “nice” mould line the injection point of the hand-guard here yes, the hand-guard is also plastic-made four Picatinny rails so you can attach many accessories it looks like an HK416 rail the outer barrel and the flash-hider are made of metal it is a 14mm CCW thread be aware that there’s a small screw, so don’t forget to remove it if you want to install a sound suppressor this is a very light rifle as you can see on the screen handling is nice ooohhh, I hadn’t noticed the sights! these are hybrid sights back-up sights here, with optic fibre that’s really nice! and they’re high enough to aim properly but you can also flip the sights up you can’t adjust the height here and at the rear you can adjust windage only thanks to this wheel the sights are nice-looking, but they feel cheap the wheel is extra-soft and they tend to flip down very easily because the part acting as a spring is made of soft plastic in-game you might end up aiming like this I’m saying that but I know that you guys like using red dot sights but I wanted to mention this drawback let’s insert the mag not bad whether you’re a
beginner or not the gun is quite nice I’ll show you if it is compatible with the magazines I own after the end credits let’s test the reactivity I haven’t charged the battery…Let’s hope it shoots well, that’s the sound of a NiMh-powered replica! not bad it makes a loud sound because the gun is made of plastic there’s a pre-installed MOSFET to protect the trigger contactors from sparks and wear so the gun is more durable let’s have a look at the chronograph as you could hear, it makes a better sound when plugged to a LiPo the power is perfect for France you’ll be able to shoot in semi and full auto on almost every field light, easy to handle, not too expensive but keep in mind that this is a low-budget gun it won’t perform as a 550€ replica it might be less durable of course but this is just fine to start airsoft because behind ASG, there’s an efficient after-sale and technical department if you’ve been following my channel you know I went to ASG’s and I could meet the technicians so if the shop doesn’t repair your gun, ASG will do it never hesitate to bring the gun back to the shop if there’s any problem we’re lucky enough to have warranty there’s no such things in Japan for instance Marui guns have NO warranty at all if they don’t want to repair your gun or send parts, you can’t say anything most of the time we’ve got a 1-year warranty, use it guys! don’t try to repair the gun yourself if you can’t do it! of course if you buy no-brand guns in some shady remote Internet shops, you won’t have the same service…more and more brands sell low-priced guns nowadays that’s good for new players if you’ve bought a Strike Systems, tell me what you think are you happy with it? have you had problems? does it shoot straight? Did you upgrade it? tell me everything thanks a lot again to Julien at ASG and Julien at Destockage-Games don’t forget to like this video, it is nice to get them! follow me on Facebook to keep-up with the Lair’s news pictures on Instagram and my website at if you go playing next weekend, remember play seriously without taking you too seriously and I’ll see you soon in the Lair xoxo as promised, let’s test a few magazines with this gun I mostly own polymer magazines G&G it fits ATM fits well CAA it fits VFC QRS doesn’t fit VFC metal hicap it fits AMOEBA it fits OPS it fits Airsoft System it fits good news, most brands are compatible with the Strike Systems ! if you
have a doubt, contact your favourite shop ! .


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