Home Airsoft Loadouts Airsoft AK74U Loadout – CYMA – KWA – TMC – Howard Leight

Airsoft AK74U Loadout – CYMA – KWA – TMC – Howard Leight

Airsoft AK74U Loadout – CYMA – KWA – TMC – Howard Leight

run alright guys got my a kilo doubt for you today this whole loadout was meant to be the backup loadout to my SMP mp5 I hope at college so I needed something that was small and compact that I could just throw my gear container and not worry about and it was something that would perform reliably and have a family and range stuff to be applicable and really in the environment so what I’ve got here is it all based around my assignment in case them before you it’s our hub this short stroke and it’s got a matrix mm motor so it’s a pretty nasty little shooter I’ve kind of dinged it up on purpose to give it kind of a worn look the tape is not aesthetic it’s actually holding the handguard on cuz I’ve been broke but nonetheless it’s a lot of fun it’s also this whole load of its kind of based around this chest rig this is a TMC demon suit Chester II which is a replica of the illiac d3 CR I didn’t want to spend that kind of money for a backup loadout that I didn’t plan on using a lot so and just wants it for cheaper it was actually olive drab and I spray painted it with some flat green to make it look kind of like Ranger greenish and it came out okay I usually don’t keep anything in these pouches here maybe a speedloader or dead rag in one of these but maybe even a radio if I need it but typically not I will usually keep a thunder B and the stuff a pouch something that’s good to have I run five mid caps these are all mag plumb mid caps so I’ve got four in the Riddick and there one in the Gunnison as for a secondary I’m running my kwa hk45 this is in a Kydex holster that’s kind of sandwich in there you can see my video on how to modify that and I mean that’s pretty much it it’s super simple like I said I wanted something that I could just throw on this works great is a not for kit forgot to mention my head gear I usually just wear a standard ball cap and these are the howard leight impact Pro Sport impact impact Pro Sport electronic hearing protection they cut out loud noises like shooting or for nade stuff like that and this is a US tactical sewing headset cover modular headset cover which is just added layer comfort and I think that’s pretty much it I mean whatever clothing aware is the same as my regular loadout this is like I said just some backup that I could throw on and get out and play and not have to sit around in the staging area moping around because I don’t have a gun to play with and that’s pretty much it like I said check out my other video I’ve got some more videos on my regular loadout stuff and guys


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