Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft A&K SVD Dragunov || Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review (Old Footage)

Airsoft A&K SVD Dragunov || Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review (Old Footage)

Airsoft A&K SVD Dragunov || Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review (Old Footage)

hey I’m David and this is Caleb and he’s going to tell you about his gun here yeah it’s a Draganov SVD I bought it probably about a year ago it’s made by a and K now first off I really wanted a sniper rifle I don’t suggest probably getting ones don’t start with one dart with an aeg that’s our suggestion so I already had one and ended up wandering the sniper rifle so I got this one I got it for about a hundred dollars which I thought was a pretty good deal it’s the version two so they took care of a lot of things that the version one can do so well including included in that is 500 feet per second now 500 feet per second it’s got the ability to change the spring fairly quickly so you can bring the FPS up or down it’s reinforced to handle that um and they also we’ve discovered that we think they’ve fixed an issue that the gen 1 must have had which was a double feed issue but we’ll talk about that later yeah so um it comes with everything you see here except for the bipod I put that on it comes with a low cap mag and iron sights I ended up buying a rail for it 25 bucks or so and then dropped a scope on top of that so also comes with a cheek rest which is pretty nice you can take it off it just unclips comes off this is probably one of my favorite parts of the gun I don’t know I kind of geeked out when I saw it just because I mean it’s not like big expensive quality or anything but they put like a vinyl like a feather pleather type thing on it or pleather or whatever it’s called and they actually have wood in here so it just it’s a nice little touch it’s it doesn’t look very expensive but it looks cool in the gun right so as far as the bill goes this is plastic or some form of yes what would you call them I don’t know it’s serious all that matters is that it feels solid it’s not real slick to the touch it doesn’t feel cheap it feels solid and it’s got a nice texture and it doesn’t wobble at all this is a medal mags metal-metal all the way up to here this is the forged I’m the same material as here but besides that the good things I like about this gun are it spread like we’re shooting about a hundred feet away I was laying down sniping and it was hitting a square foot no problem it’s got a tight group pretty much every time besides that I mean what else do you look for in a sniper rifle besides being accurate every time a shooting roared well I like that the barrel length on this gun is pretty good um because of the way they did and we’ll get into this in a minute isn’t it because of the way they did this system it’s not it’s not quite as long at least I don’t think it is as long as like a utg or something so they were able to get a little bit more barrel length it’s a pretty substantial barrel for running from here to here I think it’s longer than what I have my all 96 that I’m not sure on that the bad things about it first thing is it was double feeding a lot now I didn’t look at it very well and daven didn’t look at it too well but when you pull the you pull this back here there’s going to be three screws I can’t pull back with more than I am anyway they’re going to be three screws here on your picture out later the first screw closest to the backside is actually a little screw that it just to make sure that the only feeds one bilities on BB now for the longest time I’d only used it once just to try to test it out before we reviewed it and it was double feeding every time you aim it at the ground hold the handle started firing of a double feed it made me so angry that I couldn’t put the gun down for a while but today we just right before we film the video we figured that out and now I almost want to keep it because it’s so good the other thing is I put probably a few hundred rounds to it I got a bruise on my hand because this handle right here you want to talk about why it is you some wolf it irritates me because of it of all the things they did a nice quality on this gun they didn’t shape this at least what I think would be right it’s almost like it just has a piece of square like bar stock coming out of the side that they just rounded the edges a little bit on and most aka at most aks have more of it like the spoon shape to them I guess it’s kind of like the like the tail on a 1911 how it’s got that rounded like flat and really rounded shape to it all right guess it would anyways but it’s got that that shape to it and this really doesn’t have that and so it puts more pressure on the edges and it it hurts your finger more than it has to and I don’t know why they could have shaped it a little different and I think it could have been equally as strong it just more comfortable for the user but besides that I mean the good thing is that the spring is really powerful it shoots really hard the downside to that you know not not having a good grip on it but also I handed it to a smaller person even smaller than I am and they could hardly get they could hardly pull the spring back at all to heat it you’re going to run into the same problem like the try shot shotguns it’s um it’s a hard gun to work but once if you’re able to do it it’s a great guy so pretty much if you can fix the double feed which we did with the screw we thought we’re going to have to drill a hole all it is is a screw a little hex head little thing saved our life and the site with a periscope on it there a rail on it is it this well no this doesn’t come with it but it comes in a hop-up adjustment one that should adjust those axes so in the box you shouldn’t have any double feet issues it should shoot great and we’ll put up a video close-up on which screw it is and how to do it and yeah so beside me that we’ve also made just a little plug we’ve made an 8 inch barrel extension for this which it won’t sit here it’ll sit farther back is the plan I think this is yet a foot but uh this site to use that would have to come off because the way they did this site I appreciate that it’s not a big gigantic orange tip they just put a orange cap on it but this this side is just cast and it doesn’t thread off here or anything I don’t know how the real world works this one’s just a boy in the box you pull a pin out and it slides off so the whole front sight comes with it um and the sight looks like it would be high enough that even if it had a barrel extension on it it would still be able to aim over it but because it comes off you lose your front sight which is unfortunate but if you want to go for more barrel length than that look you’re probably gonna be using a scope anyways or have some other solutions for siding so but that’s what we have for that if you’re interested in something like that talk to us about it our contact information will be in the description and the other thing is that is not threaded no it’s not threaded at all I’d have to admit it so that would be a custom product we’d either have the match to the pin or some other way to set screw it on so you’d have to talk to us if you want something for this gun ok one last thing is the these sights are adjustable like the regular normal okay which are fun and I really like it because you don’t get focused on a little scope area so in conclusion I really like this gun now I’ve fixed it never broke I just had just our issue but it shoots hard the size of that it’s a good gun for especially $400 if you’re just getting started look for an aging but if you’ve been in it for a while this is a good good sniper platform it shoots good out of the box you’re probably going to want to put a tight bore barrel in it if you get serious but it’s it’s a Buy and I’ll be selling this one I think if somebody’s interested I will sell it I’ll make a deal with you if not I won’t more than happily keep this gun so now that it doesn’t double fee now that it doesn’t double fit all right thanks guys for watching ship


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