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Airsoft A&K M249 Para AEG Review

Airsoft A&K M249 Para AEG Review

A&K M249 Para AEG. Once you’ve purchased this model, you get an instruction manual on top of a huge styrofoam box. What’s funny about the manual is that it says ‘A&K 249 Para’. I could assume it’s because of typo’s or it’s just that A&K doesn’t want to pay for licensing from FN Herstal.

Just like most brand new airsoft models, you get a manual with “in-depth information” in the package. Just your typical Chinese manual with some Explosion-Views and some typo’s here and there; how to load a box magazine for those who are new on using an airsoft machine gun; How to use it’s retractable stock, adjusting it’s hop-up; disassembling this model in case if you want to upgrade or downgrade to your Heart’s desire.

Plus, the option to quickly change your spring; how to adjust the hop-up; and, lastly, the warning signs. What’s funny in most of these manuals is the whole ‘baby on top of the airsoft gun’ warning label.

I mean, what kind of crack were they smoking? And that’s about it for the owner’s manual. With a tan-colored back cover that includes the A&K logo and an operator with his custom Mod5/MP5. From small, what you get in this big styrofoam box is a wall charger for the NimH battery that it includes.

Don’t use these because they tend to fry your batteries within hours. I would recommend getting a smart charger and/or upgrade it to a LiPo battery. Next is a NiMH battery. According to what it says on the battery, this is a 1200 mAh NiMH battery.

To the beginners who are watching this, this is good for testing the gun out. However, it doesn’t have the same power as you would when using a LiPo. If you’re going to use this for skirmishes, please note that it will not have the same performance as using a LiPo, up to par.

Next is a Front Sight Adjuster. I don’t like this because it’s really cheap from how it feels and looks. I could actually snap this in half if I want to, but I’m not going to because I might need it in case my front sight is out of place.

A 2500 Round electric box magazine. Very smooth, but plasticy. Most airsoft machine guns either include a plastic one like this or a huge mag pouch. Very nice with details. That’s where you open the mag and put your BB’s and batteries in.

This one is not like the older models. In the previous box mag models, they were so poor that they didn’t function at all. For this one, I have not had any critical problems. The onky small problem I have is that the box mag kept sliding off.

As you can see, it operates on 2 AA batteries. You can also store your extra LiPo batteries here, but I wouldn’t recommend it considering the BB’s may fall off from their original space. See that tube? That’s where you should be placing your BB’s.

There is another, but that’s where the wires are since this is an electric box magazine. Once it’s ready, the BB’s goes to this M4-like magazine magwell connector. And finally, the M249 Para itself. From top to bottom, there is this gas piston adjuster.

In airsoft, this does nothing. However, other airsoft A&K machine guns have this feature to adjust the hop-up. Such as A&K’s M60. Right next to the flash hider and gas piston adjuster, you have it’s built-in bipod hiding under the handguard.

Made out of metal, this can be positioned in 9 different ways. For the battery compartment, it is hidden within the handguard. Just squeeze the handguard a bit and pull it down. And it reveals the wiring with a clear fuse connector and standard Tamiya plug.

For those who are asking about the space for the battery compartment, it fits brick-type, long-type and small nunchuck. Some people may have difficulties putting back the handguard. The thing is, it has 2 latches for the handguard.

One at the bottom, and one on top. Just insert one or the other first and just smack it. On top, you have this thing which is supposed to be a carrying handle. You can adjust it in 4 different ways. I wouldn’t use this as a carrying handle since it’s made out of plastic.

From it’s original, real steel design, it’s suppose to be in use when the barrel overheats. In front of it, you have the heat shield. You have the option to take it off if you want it to have that Minimi look.

Or put it back on because it looks cool or you want to add rails. Yes, you can add rails unto the heat shield. Next, you have this long top rail on top of the body of it. Just like the body, it’s made out of metal and you can add 2 optics, an optic shield and a small PEQ box on it.

This is also where your rear sight is located. It’s small, yet more adjustable than the front. To open the metal body of this airsoft gun, you have to push these two buttons under the rear sight at the same time.

What’s great about the A&K M249 Para is that it also has an adjustable metal hop-up. Not many budget-friendly airsoft guns have that since most of them include with a plastic one. Then, you have this clamp where the only purpose for it is for the 5.

56 or 7.62 bullet dummy chain. To put back the top, just rotate the clamp and slam back the top. In some cases, the top doesn’t seem to be locked back to it’s original position. The other alternative is put the top back and pull the bolt latch.

Then, slam it. The magwell seems to fit perfectly with the box magazine. As for the selector switch, you only have two options; safety and full-auto. I like this type of mechanism because it’s not loose.

To use the retractable stock, just simply pull it and and rotate to the right. I’m disappointed at this because it’s a bit wobbly and the shoulder rest seems to be stuck on the buttstock. Overall, the A&K M249 Para is a great choice for those who are looking for a machine gun for their loadout and/or collection.

Great in performance, internals and intimidation. Even on an 11.1V 1100mAh 15C LiPo, it’s ready. However, with a bigger airsoft gun comes with bigger responsibilities. Like other airsoft machine guns, this is not for beginners and smaller players because you are really asking for a heavy burden.

Considering this model to be 6.6 kgs. At some point, your arms will get tired. I would suggest using the environent as your advantage. The biggest problem is with the box mag. At some point, it will slide off from it’s position.

And maybe from tiredness. Machine guns are also great in stealth. And also in rooftop skirmishes. Using a King Arms 11.1V 1100mAh 15C LiPo battery, by the way. Thanks for watching!


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