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(Airsoft) AA12 Drum Tokyo Marui

(Airsoft) AA12 Drum Tokyo Marui

Thanks to them ! Hello YouTube and welcome to this new video ! Today I wanted to make a video concerning the brand new AA12 drum Tokyo Marui for the Tokyo Marui AA12 I guess all AA12 owners were really waiting for this thing, which came out about 6 months after the release of the AA12 This is a high capacity drum magazine that you’ll use in remplacement of the original magazine which came with the gun The original magazine carries 90 bbs, which gives you 30 shots (since the AA12 shots 3 bbs at each shot) The drum carries 3000 bbs, which obviously gives you a much better autonomy I bought it from Impulse101 where it’s available for 8900 yens, which is around 75 euros It’s electric powered (it comes with no batteries) To access the battery compartment, first push down this lever and turn And this is the battery compartment, that you can slide off like this, it uses 4 AAA batteries I think it’s very well made, I known other electrical drum magazines which weren’t easy to use.

.. Put the cover back, and that’s it The finish is quite nice I think, it’s an expensive magazine but I think it’s worth it Here is the front of the drum, note this button here which will tense the mechanism And here is the trap door for the bbs For the record, 3000 bbs is a whole bottle of this size Let’s put bbs inside, I’ll try to not make a mess This is end less ! There is just a little bit too much actually A lot of bbs indeed Obiously it’s much heavier now, it feels like it’s 3x times heavier Let’s push the button now Do I have to continue ? I don’t hear clicks.

.. Here you go I think it’s ok now Now let’s go outside and let’s see how many time I can shoot before having to push the button again Here I am outside, full magazine with the mechanism tensed I’ll shoot semi auto and I’ll count how many time I can shoot before having to push the button again For the record, I’m using my “Valor Airsoft Target” target, which is great This is a great thing if you shoot a lot at your house or your garden All the bbs get trapped inside, so you don’t make a mess This is not the subject of this video so I won’t talk too much about it, but don’t hesitate to watch this video about it if you’re curious Let’s start shooting ! Semi auto Now I’m dry shooting, I have shot about 80 times, but sometimes no bbs was shot for some reason Let’s try a bit more Now I’m really dry shooting, let’s push the button Let’s try again Same thing, I have shot between 80 and 90 times before dry firing totally Sometimes no bbs are fired, maybe that’s because I’m shooting too fast.

.. ? I’m not sure I’m still dry firing, yet sometimes a bbs is still being shot There is still some But the idea is that you can shoot between 70 and 80 times before really starting to dry fire Let’s try a third time just to be sure Let’s go for the third serie Still the same : you really start to make dry firing after around 80 shots And between 0 and 80 shots, there is like 4 or 5 dry shots It’s not perfect, but compared to the original magazine, that’s still a much bigger capacity obviously Especially since you don’t need to actually reload, you just have to push the button Now I’ll just make a long burst to see how much time it will continue to spread bbs Here it is, now I’m dry shooting So 80 shots, let’s not forget this is around 240 bbs, this isn’t bad During a game, will you ever need to shoot 80 times in a row anyway ? So the idea would be to shoot as much as you need to, push the button, shoot as much as you need to, push the button, etc Little detail I didn’t say earlier, the AA12 drum comes with this little accessorie here to put on the trigger guard The point being to retain the drum from falling on the ground in case you push the mag release lever Note that you can still use the original magazine Here it is I think, I said pretty much everything I had to say about this It’s a bit expensive, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a must have if you have a AA12 Tokyo Marui It has a nice finish, it gives the gun an awesome look, it makes the gun more skirmishable And let’s admit that being able to make full auto 3 rounds shots is really a lot of fun So don’t hesitate to get one if you have a AA12 or plan to have a AA12 Thanks for watching and see you next time for the next video !


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