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i am barely reaching that tree skyuta *whistles* R3 – R3 right in front of me, between the two yellow vests nah, there’s an other one hiding behing the trees do you see kevin? nice, nice fine it’s overthere keep moving is there an antenna or not? huh we take it to the ground it’s already down 47 .

.hum how is it? is it large? huhu it’s indestructible it’s a white tv antenna, the on ground ones then, you know what, you move it away so … it’ll show that we disabled it we can put it upside down and cover it with leafs, if they prefer we can split it in two parts *to the radio* Hamza wants to put it upside down *yes great idea* Ok let’s do it.

Put leafs, branches, everything you want… it’s well destroyed now Neutralized Ah not that Pierrot Ah ye, bring it. Excellent It’s neutralized for good now. don’t hurt your back Ok right I am add my part.

.. well my branch to this building Send him a picture. I placed a question mark at J2 Because we don’t know where nor with whom he goes. It’s a hostile zone we go along? Ye, we do that. We go along the woods We cross it fast At least we follow the borders Because if it’s hilly we may get less shoots And here, there’s a village So what do you propose? we follow the woods or that borderline? 47 and plum will find the best way Wait wait wait, he wanted to pee i’m thinking of having a poop Well, go head,.

. do it put a finger in your a$$ You shouldn’t wait. Last time it troubled me. Come on go. Need some paper guys Vehicle moving in front let’s move faster Accelerate the pace ! Accelerate the pace you didn’t choose the easy way too late i send it immediatly no no no no Here you go huuu Goes much faster like that Try to find a path it there it’s glorious Give the word to be quiet wow, this’ll be hard eye sharp Stay on the ground ! Stay under cover There are coming in Don’t engage Be alert Contact.

.. Right in front of us Ceuta can we engage? engage ! engage overthere is he out? I just got him out confirmed there *from radio* We leave the village Hey, make sure everyone follows *from radio* Message to the entire TRAC, we leave the village, North side We will extract you Where do you wanna go? Somewhere the enemy can’t reach me -ok Village conor? Which one is that? we will try it If you bring me to the south camp it’ll be fine too We will see depending on the way It’s easy, the only one i can’t get along with is the UN We have to pull him away from the UN They are right here -We take a large turn to stay out of range And we go hide ourselves Seems like it’s firing right in front of us Do it like it doesn’t look like an escort Ok – Or act like i am a prisoner Ye that’s it, we chain him Just put his head down and put your arms in your back Ok go grab something.

. anyway i have what i need in my back Guys they are shooting right in front of us *replica out* *stress word* you saw something? Ok remember, large, out of range Ok let’s go ! you follow here we come Commander ! the V.



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