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Stop ! 200 meters from destination… we don’t have much time here… Hi guys ! it’s JIM, happy to see you to show you my new video loadout it was annonced since a lot of time it’s finally here i wasn’t very active recently i was recorded 3 or 4 times my last airsoft games since few weeks I dedicated all my time and my energy to the editing of this video You have just seen in introduction the first part of a short film it is cut in several chapters which you will discover during this video So allowing to have a different experience of viewing between explanations and performences of the products I find it interesting and it allowed me to take up with the realization Because I did not realize a short film since 2013 Spoken enough, let us speak rather about what I use on the Airsoft ground here we go ! as a good airsofter, i’m also a compulsive buyer.

.. no exceptions to me a played since 2005, If I made the total of all my purchases…guns and gears… bad idea… if my wife watching this…she do not have to know that… so ! why i told you that ! i’ve learned from my mistakes i tried everything at the beginning.

.. Sniper….machin gunner… finally to be only what conrrespond me to tell you that we look for ourselves at the beginning now, i know what i need, what i want and who i am on the field According to all this I can establish my equipment But there are also other important factors In the first place, the environment where i play airsoft ? the most of the time, TRAC team play in the CQB Close combat in urban zones Secondly, the weather We play in the region of Paris temperatures vary between -15°c and 40°c that’s a slight exaggeration that the delta of temperature on 4 seasons of a year We play from January till December I use an equipment which adapts itself to the weather There is also a physical condition, I learnt it in my depend i’m closer 40 years than 20 years old.

.. so, i adapted my equipment to my physical conditions no extra stuff or something useless on the field Now I can move freely with a minimum of constraints it’s true, we can be a bit too much…but i’m wrote this short so i can do anything i want xD hope you like it and stay with me because you’ll see the next chapters in few moments let’s talk about my gears and about my uniforms two uniforms are use in the Trac team the first is a Multicam uniform to play in the U.

S side and a second one to play in the “civil” side it’s convenient to play WITH our friends or Against our friends about the “CIVIL” uniform let’s start with this one UF PRO brand color or “RAL” is green brown or RAL7013 we have severals shirts fonction of season during cold season, i use this softshell from CLAWGEAR during autumn i use UFPRO Hunter Jacket good weather protection during light drizzle and cooler temperatures light weight and dries very fast i use a combat pants UFPRO Striker XT the stretch areas have been expanded and new and ergonomically perfected knee protection has been introduced The problem with these pants.

.. is a little bit heavy because of the protections of knees i suggest you to wear a good belt FREDO ! bypass them ! arm this bomb With the bound hands? do you really think i would do that… You really believe that your friends explosed this build.

… they are not here for this they are here for you ! Before getting into detail of my equipments, I shall like speaking to you about the transport of your equipments It is essential, in public, to transport our equipments without drawing the attention Even by car, our equipments have to be in bags the most sober possible you can not show your equipment to ramdom people who don’t know that your guns are fake It is unthinkable to walk with a weapon in the hand in the public place I chose to transport my equipment in a 5.

11 bag SOMS 2.0 126 liters of volume i can put inside all my equipement for one day or during operations nylon 1600D all renforced if your mates have the same bags, it’s really easy to put them in a same car about my multicam combat pants it’s a combat pant 3D from OPS brand be careful, the U.

S sizes are differents from European sizes all my combats pants are in L size except this one, M size about my knees pads i don’t really appreciate them because i lost them many time on the field when i was on my knees it’s the only inconvenience which I found about this pants it’s a “Base Jump” helmet “cheap” of course light weigh, cheap price around 50€ Hamza made a paintjob on it to correspond closer to me plate carrier color i quit Gopro to Xiaomi this camera is the second camera from XIAOMI.

this one called YI 4K and i’ll shot in 1080p 60fps i’ll certainly make a review on this camera later i don’t use this camera with the original battery, i use a battery bank and one USB cable the battery bank was put inside a fake MS2000 to ensure a low visibility We still see the USB cable but it is not very important for me i was already make a review, let’s talk about this PETZL Strix IR flashlight you can turn this flashlight into IR mode to use with my IR cameras during night airsoft games severals light intensity in red color to read a map and 3 lights intensity, this flashlight run with one AA battery during 8 hours in normal mode Adjustable head use a helmet is not only for the “look” but truely to protect your head remember, we play airsoft in urban close combat, this helmet save my head from many dangers many times Oakley M-Frame Alpha glasses ! with the same glasses i can use two types of eyes protections like a mask or glasses You often ask me for what I carry around the neck it’s a multi wrap from CONDOR you can find it in differente colors it keeps warm my neck however, No protection of your face from BB’s it’s far too thin My plate carrier.

.. TAC TEC from 5.11 It ‘s always the same for years it’s a little used but it is always so comfortable I always use the same M4 mag pouchs from HSGI (hight speed gear) They are always so easy to use It is really fast to use with all my M4 and Glock mags i don’t need to use a dump pouch on my set because empty mags was put at there same place easily upside down when mags are empty i do not change my pouchs about communications we use Boafang Radio to replace my Puxing radio no big differences except that i can use a large battery on the Boafang radio that allowing me to use it during a week Concerning my way of arranging my pouchs en my PC all my mags are on my left body side because i’m left handed.

…it’s complicated i’m left handed but i’m use my guns like a right handed so i use my left hand to change mags so all my mags are on the left side of my body so the right side of my plate carrier is completly free to receive my M4 when i use my handgun I absolutely want to avoid having two rows of mags on my PC i prefer keep all my 5 midcap mags on the left side 3 mags on my PC and 3 others mags on my left leg panel this big pouch is on my right side, i use it to all my camera, red dot and flashlight battery To avoid leaving the game, I keep all the necessity on me I also take with me something to eat in order not to fall into hypoglycemia I have bars of cereals, chocolate, sugar etc.

on my back, i have a hydrapack about 1,5L of water I drink a lot to avoid cramps When it is very hot, I have already been dehydrated, it happens very quickly without realizing it to hold my primairy gun i use a sling one point the sling is inside the plate carrier shoulders I no longer feel the weight around my neck the weight of my M4 is distributed on my shoulders There are small cushions for comfort I use a jacket that also has reinforcements to the shoulders so i do not suffer of the weight of my primary gun about my Colt M4 “special operation” from G&P, i bought this gun in 2007 It is very noisy.

..all metal parts are old (soon 10 years) all internal parts are upgraded Gearbox Ares Amoeba with 12/1 gears ratio and mosfet Kanzen Strong Motor Bloc Hop Up from Airsoft Systems inner barrel 6.03 Prom Tango Down front grip, QD silencer and Magpul sights REDDOT Leupold LCO (cheap) ANPEQ15 use as Scopecam with 16mm lens main grip and stock from Magpul battery 11.

1v 1400mah 25c inside the tube cross about mags, i use 5 x ATM (Ama Tsu Maru) Midcap 120 rounds or 30 rounds really strong and cheaper “One PAX Upstairs” Skyuta : i’m on it Skyuta : go ahead guys ! Skyuta : i’ll take the balcony !” KAZ : Hamza and VINC are down.

.. Rastabad : MEDIC, we need MEDIC! SKYUTA : Behind you !! KAZ : i’ll take care of this one KAZ : Hamza, Vinc and Skyuta are down… Kaz : Jim you have to find the hostage, he is the MEDIC Rastabad : copy, Jim, i’ll take the backdoor, see you there KAZ : i’m with Skynox, we’ll search for the last oppenents KAZ : good luck guys.

.. is this TRAC team ? Gears and vidéos…. right ?! Rastabad : Target down… JIM : you got it ?! Jim : that’s cool ! Jim : you just wasted him Jim : come on, just film that face Seraphin, what’s up my friend ?! END GAME ! here the end of this video guys, i hope you like it we spent a lot of time to make it i was not alone on this project all Trac members agreed to help me on this short film special thanks to “Stéphane Loudot” to give us this airsoft ground during two days “Overshoot CQB” at “Montereau” that’s really cool Stéphane ! thank you very much and my brother JEFF ! he was in charge of the sound you certainely don’t see him but listen.

.. you watched him during all the uniforms scenes between the short film chapters i couldn’t record and be in front of the camera in the same time, so it was Jeff my brother he’s not my brother twins but we wear the same size I believe that you did not make the difference ? i would like to thank our partner tactical-equipements.

fr they allows us to know about last novelties we really like military equipments and we are often in their store to try new things All the equipments of this video is available in their store i would like to thank a team they come from Belgium i talk about OPERATION PANDA they realize movies and photos for big brands After several discussed, they agreed to help me on this shooting I worked with a team of 5 professional people You were great, thank you very much for your help and to be with us during 2 days in that cold building and special thank to an airsoft team ! the First Team it was a really great experience I imagine that you respective motivations were different to be in the last video of this youtube channel ? or just to be with all our friends 2 days or for web visibility I like thinking that you also accepted because I asked to you for it for that guys ! thank you guys ! see you next time ! CIAO!


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