Hi ! my name is VINC so…i’m from “SEINE ET MARNE” near “MELUN” (50km from Paris) i’m a TRAC member since the creation of the team i’m ex member of MSK Team i play Airsoft for a long time about 6 or 7 years i use different game type, different classes of airsofter i can play like “support” i really like this this class, help all my teammates by covering fire and.

..i can play as a “Sniper” when we play in the forest. sometimes lead the way, secure or report informations from behind enemy lines about the equipment i use on my head…i use different protections depend of weather conditions many of the time i use a Base Jump Helmet and a mouth protection and Smith Optics glasses to protect my eyes i use this kit during autumn, spring and summer seasons but when it’s cold, really cold i use a kind of woolly hat from Condor brand with my mouth protector set to safe my face about my body protection, i use a chest rig from Condor.

really light weight so more chance to be effective during airsoft fights the maximum mags on my chest is 4 or 5 my chest rig is CONDOR Rapid Assault my combat shirt and combat pants are made by OPS in multicam i use Salomon boots since 2012, i’m completly satisfied over 4 years on my foot about my guns.

..for many years i use different guns for different needs I found my balance, i try to fix myself objectives depend of the battlefield were we play for exemple, when i’m support guy, i use my RPK74 from Cyma i really really really like this gun special thanks to “Scarfab” he made me want to buy it really great performances longer inner barrel really good accuracy i’ve just add a Miracle Inner barrel 6.

05 i change the original motor by a SHS High Torque really cool gun, 350 fps the range is really good for a machin gun when i play like “assault” depend of needs and fields i use my SCAR H from Tokyo Marui.

this gun is really appreciated in our team many people ask my questions about internal modifications it’s really simple motor SHS hight Torque Inner Barrel Promotheus 6.03 Rubber MODIFY RYUSOKU 310fps just with the precision inner barrel MODIFY That’s more than enough i CQB my third gun is a shotgun “BREACHER” This Breacher is made by Tokyo Marui it’s the short version of the 870MCS this shotgun is really handleable in CQB with short distance or something like speedgame you can swith 3 or 6 bb’s by shot no modifications needs that’s efficient, fast and immediate I really like this shotgun, i fixed on it a cartridge holder on one side and i’ve all the time a gaz bottle with me, in the game because the weak point of the Breacher is the gaz capacity my hanggun is a Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.

1 Marui again… why ? Because that works ! even during winter season really solid, i play with it since many years just 2 mags and that’s enough – JIM : Thanks you VINC ! Ciao ! CIAO guys ! Subscribes if you want^^ Jim.


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