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Greetings Youtube Many of you asked about my loadout, so, here it is Before you ask any question, make sure you check the description below you’ll find links to shops where I bought my stuff. Also, don’t forget to be awesome today by subscribing to this awesome channel I have three sets for my head, used according to the mood and the situation.

Safety first, always wear glasses. I used to wear Bollé X800 (great goggles), but I recently switched to ICE 3 (neater). When it’s hot and sunny, I enjoy wearing a cap Keep the head light, the only drawback being the GoPro attached to a headband wich sometimes moves too much while running When it’s not that hot and sunny, I wear my helmet This is a copy from the Emerson Fast I like this one because the side rails are also in A-TACS I adapted the NVG mount to attach my GoPro, added pieces of plastic to get the right angle while filming I use a metal mesh face mask in CQB when I know there will be lots of BBs flying around me Full face is protected sometimes you are just so glad about it sometimes you regret when you don’t have it On all of those configurations, I use a headset with PTT Push button, voices are talking into your head.

A-TACS is the main pattern of the Tactical Black Cats I choose Propper for the ACU cut of the vest, with scratch on the neck It’s quite robust, there are also lots of pockets and specific pouches for knees and elbow protection I have a tactical arm band very useful to display maps and objectives Fun fact, you can actually use a smartphone through the plastic (but I would not recommend it, unless you don’t like your phone) I wear Okley SI assault Gloves.

Right color for A-TACS, and knuckle protection. For the tactical vest, I use the Tactical Assault Gear Gladiator and I just love it. It has everything : nice A-TACS pattern, six pouches for stanag magazines (you can also put G36 magazines, but it’s less efficient) one pouch for hydration, lots of room for attachment it fits skinny guys like me as you can squeeze it more than the average tactical vests I added a CQC to attach my backup I used to wear it along my leg, but it was falling while running So I wear it on my chest now.

This one took a BB, but it is still working just fine. I added a few pouches, for my extra GBB magazine my talkie walkie, and my brand new tornado, that hopefully you’ll see a lot in the upcoming videos I put those pouches on my left side, in order to let maximum space under my right arm I also attached a dump pouch, for empty mags or mission items.

For big operations, I carry a condor medium assault pack to carry BBs, food, gas, batteries, Chuck Norris DVDs and other vital stuff. Last piece of gear, my boots. I wear Magnum spider desert They keep the ankle well maintained This is the one piece of gear I would never buy on the Internet, as I always want to try them first.

You spend more time walking than shooting, think about it. A word about my guns. I have a Magpul Masada No upgrade, only added a UTG red Dot, as well as a rail to attach a grip. I used to have a folding stock, but it broke after only three games and I got really mad about it.

So I put back the original stock I attach the Masada with a 1 point sling from Condor, that has this clip. Very handy when you drop your gun to get extra mobility As a backup, I have a fine glock 17 from KWA As a knife, I use a cold steal leatherman.

I mainly carry it for the display. Well, that’s it for now Thank you for watching, hope you enjoyed the video and don’t hesitate to post comments if you have any question See you next time.


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