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AirSim Reviews the Elite Force Kill Rag Red Rag System

AirSim Reviews the Elite Force Kill Rag Red Rag System

hey there software’s RJ here from Ericsson media with our latest review if you haven’t seen the unboxing video here it is the new elite force pull rag system this system was developed by an airsoft er proposed to elite force and they liked it so much that they mass-produced it so that’s a great thing when a company realizes potential and supports it they always say that necessity breeds the best inventions so this little guy is definitely a necessity for every airsofter it’s made out of 1000 Cordura and in the back you have a one inch standard moly web with a snap enclosure on the front you have the elite force pull tab and on the top here it is the elastic material that makes it easier to stuff the red rag back in the red rag itself is made out of a nylon material that measures about 12 inches 12 to 13 inches when deployed as you can see I have my goggles on now and to deploy the system all you need to do is pull the apart the velcro and pull out the red rag and then you just place it on top of your head itself easy and simple so with this new system it allows you to deploy your red rag without the clumsiness of digging through your pouches or your gear for it as you can see in my normal setup I usually have my red rag in my utility pouch and it’s very clumsy it’s very cumbersome sometimes when I have to pull this out and other things are on top of it I lose things and it becomes a real pain in the butt but I always carry one so it’s always where I need it however with this pull rag system now you can attach it to any piece of gear see I have it again on the back of my goggles here or how I like to put it on now is to attach it to my jpc here and just deploy it this way and attach it to the velcro on the top of my helmet this is makes it most visible and again I can never lose this it’s already attached to my gear all I have to do again is just take it off and stuff it back in and voila ready for the next hit if you have a bungee system on your helmet you can easily put this on your bungee system on the helmet if you’d like to take off the molle webbing you could slap some velcro on this and attach it to the rear of your helmet so again the possibilities of placement are pretty much what you feel comfortable where it’s accessible and where you can get it out quickly and that’s the good thing about this one thing that I did notice is that the hook portion on the main part of the kill ride system may snag the edges of the nylon as you can see after some use it’s been doing that what a good quick fix is is just to run your lighter underneath the edge very fast so it just melts it a little on the edge so it doesn’t have anything to snag on and that’s basically the only bad thing about this as I said you can keep it this way people I have suggested to cut it off and just use this as a small pouch basically again the possibilities are endless I would definitely recommend picking one up retails for about $9.

99 and your airsoft stores so I know that a lot of them now a lot of your airsoft stores are stocking them so go ahead and pick one up because you definitely mean this with that being said subscribe to our youtube channel give us a like comment and head over to our Facebook our website give us a like there and check out the latest and greatest news and updates that we have and that being said I’ll see you later you


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