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The LCK-16 is the first replica of the RPK-16 LMG made by LCT Airsoft. The original was presented for the first time during the Aрмия 2016 expo. In 2017 the LMG went through field trials. In February 2018 a contract has been signed for the delivery of RPK-16 to the Russian Army.

In 2019 first LMGs went into service. In December 2019 we had the opportunity to see complete prototypes at the MOA fair in Taipei, Taiwan. Today we have the opportunity to present to You a series production replica.

The replica is made in a standard well known for LCT users. Most of the external metal parts is made of steel and oxidized which will result in a nice aging effect over time. The only part made of aluminum alloy is the stock guide.

The whole is assembled and fitted very well. The handguard is made of hard, reinforced polymer. It has standard Picatinny on its top and bottom and additional rails can be mounted on the sides. The hanguard is push fitted and secured with a screw and a pin.

The connection is stiff and has no play. The PRK-16 pistol grip is the same one found in the AK-12 and AK-15. It is ergonomically profiled and allows for a secure grip. In the original the is a tool kit inside and it is pulled out by pressing two round button on the sides.

In the replica the motor is placed inside the grip so the buttons are non-functional. The stock is folded to the left side of the rifle. The folding/unfolding system is very similar to the one used in various AK-74 models.

Unfortunately, when using the drum magazine supplied with the replica the stock cannot be full folded. Adjusting the stock is done using a typical lever mechanism. In its front part a double-sises QD socket for mounting a carrying sling swivel is placed.

The replica comes with an electric powered drum magazine. Made of polymer, it is a copy of the 95 round magazine used in the original LMG. As far as the mechanics go, the replica is a 100% LCT standard product.

It has a V3 gearbox with steel gears set in ball bearings and an airtight pneumatic system with a steel toothed piston. The nozzle has an O-ring and the piston head and the spring guide have ball bearings.

The muzzle velocity is around 400 fps using 0.2 g BBs and Hop-Up set to zero. The space for the battery is under the receiver cover. The way it is taken off is completely different than in other AK replicas.

The is no button in the back of the cover. Small space for the battery put considerable restrictions on a replica which is supposed to be a support weapon. The mechanism works well, without unwanted sounds.

The range and accuracy are comparable to most other products of LCT Airsoft. The appearance of the RPK-16, the AK-12 and the PKP in LCT Airsoft offer is surely a breath of fresh for Russian military enthusiasts.

The is a high quality replica a piece of solid steel. They will be liked by many buyers. For more details, as always, read our review at WMASG.com Also, if you like this video please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

We will make more such videos. Folding stock Picatinny rails


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