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Aim-O 4X FXD MAGNIFIER | Airsoft Peak | Capsule Airsoft España

Aim-O 4X FXD MAGNIFIER | Airsoft Peak | Capsule Airsoft España

I’ll tell you something, it’s quite heavy You’ll nocite on the replica. It came well packed as you can see It comes with an allen key and a shammy for cleaning it My god it’s heavy. Yeah we must check the weight later Hello everyone this is Rhoads In this video we’ll talk about an accessory, not the most required but really interesting It’s about this Magnifier.

Airsoft Peak sent it to us, so thank you so much for this But, why this accessory? Who will use it? How and in which replica? Wiset will tell us about it! Sup! this is Wiset This Magnifier is an accessory I was willing to attach on the next replica I’m planning to buy, a H&K 416 Bus this has arrived sooner than expected My idea is using this on an assault replica, it makes not much sense on my SR25 What is it’s function? Same as some Airsoft accessories it has an aesthetic function Since we like how cool it looks on the replica.

But it’s also functional during the game As you can see this accessory must be used with another sight We’re using a replica of an EoTech type holosight Basically this provide magnification on the sight, this one in particular is 4X But it also has this QD pivot mount.

So we can switch from magnifier to holo I must say this also works for left-handed users, just by attaching the mount opposite The overall includes magnifier and the RIS mount As you can see here the Quick Dismount system is quite convenient This item arrived win a padded box with the magnifier box inside It also includes a shammy and an allen key All the item is made of metal but the covers It’s easy to atteach on the rail system, just place the mount next to the holo Then open the QD lever, place the magnifier and close the lever The mount has a screw easy to adjust with a flat screwdriver Now we just need to test it in-game, Rhoads will use it on his Raider.

Let’s see what he tell us! Ok so after this I’ll proceed to explain my in-game experience with this magnifier I’ll start by mention jsut one bad thing Not the obvious thing, that this accessory makes our replica gain more than 400 g But I shall admit I didn’t feel very comfortable with this accessory.

For 2 reasons Firstly, because I’m using a mask so it’s hard for me to aim and see the holo dot through the magnifier I can tell this is not a problem when I’m not using a mask And secondly because my style of playing is a bit more dynamic than Wiset’s And this accessory should be more convenient for him I’m not trying to say that this item doesn’t worth, it jsut fits more on his style Even os I must admit that I can fastly move the magnifier thanks to the mount it comes quite versatile depending of the game situation Not much to say, you know we like to test all the gear for a long time and have an strong opinion But for now we’re quite happy with this item And nooe, it’s not an essential item for beginners But it looks really cool on the replica and it’s helpful depending of the situation We decided to place this accessory on an M4 replica But it can be used on any replica with rail system Obviously this could be useful or not depending of the replica So that’s all, don’t forget the commentary box is waiting you Thumbs up if you like this video, and subscribe if you didn’t do it yet We are Wiset and Rhoads, and this is Capsule Airsoft See you soon, ciao!


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