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AGM M14 Airsoft Rifle Review

AGM M14 Airsoft Rifle Review

what’s up airsofters today we’re taking a look at the AGM and 14 now particularly in 14 is a really good budget gun what you see right now is what you get in the package the body construction is completely ABS plastic save for the metal rail up here and a couple of metal parts as far as like the charging handle and trigger and trigger guard the magazine and the fit op outer barrel over here and the iron sights but the primary build of the guns will be the ABS plastic the charging handle is that nice satisfying sound to it it has no purpose whatsoever the hop-up is actually located in the front of the magazine well and can be accessed without removing the magazine as far as the safety is concerned a little tap in front of the trigger boom and push that forward to fire pull back for safe select fire on this is this key on the side turn it with a little notch is down as full-auto not just up that’s semi-auto the magazine release tap and then rock the magazine out and rock the magazine back in now one thing is really cool about this gun is that this top rail right here is included in the package so you’re ready to go with an aftermarket optic with a red dot or even a magnified scope right out of the box for more information on the AGM m14 please visit www.



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