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Affordable Practice Shooting at Home – Firearms Cross Training with Airsoft

Affordable Practice Shooting at Home – Firearms Cross Training with Airsoft

hey what’s up guys my name is Daniel and I’ve been a gun owner for a little bit over two years now and I absolutely love shooting as often as I can but one of the problems is I can’t always do that simply because of time or money one of the big things that I do on my off time to keep up my shooting abilities is to use airsoft guns now airsoft gun technology has really developed over the last few years that it has become a very realistic and viable option to practice shooting so I want to show you guys some of the things that I do on my off time and some of the things that you guys might want to try on your own so let’s jump into it so the first thing I want to talk to you guys about is safety you guys see three guns here on the table the one on the right is going to be my Springfield 1911 a1 that is chambered in 45 these are not real rounds these are dummy rounds that I used to practice with and teach friends or family how to treat a gun safely and then the two on the left are going to be airsoft guns now these airsoft guns are going to be firing these six millimeter plastic beads that you guys see here and both these guns are powered by compressed air this one is green gas and this one is co2 I’ll get into those details a little bit more little later but regardless of being airsoft or a real firearm you guys always want to maintain the following safety rules number one don’t point the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot number two always keep your finger off the trigger until you guys are rated fire and number three always assume all guns are loaded at all times so you’re always maintaining safety rules one of the big reasons why I use Harris offer training and practice is because the features and functions on the airsoft models are the same compared to my Springfield 1911 over here so for example on the Springfield we’re going to have a slide release in the middle a manual safety hammer grip safety where if your hand is not on the grip the gun cannot be fired trigger and magazine release on both of these airsoft models on the left the features are the same slide release functioning manual safety hammer functioning grip safety magazine release and trigger and the same can be said about this model here another big advantage of using in airsoft guns is the convenience and location with airsoft guns you may have the opportunity to use them in the privacy of your own home what we’re going to do today is actually shoot a little bit in my own backyard to show you guys how I set it up and use it for training and practice before you guys do so always make sure you check with your state and local laws never remove the orange tip or modify it off your airsoft gun and never take it out in public shooting on the range is often dependent on weather conditions and availability of local ranges and locations training with airsoft allows you to practice and shoot in the privacy of your own backyard garage or basement regardless of weather conditions airsoft is also a great way to teach new shooters about firearm safety and get them into the exciting hobby I want to show you guys a few of the weapons manipulation practices that I do here at home with my airsoft and Springfield 1911 that helped keep up my shooting proficiencies now by no means am i a tactical shooter a competitive shooter or an operator by any means necessary I definitely consider myself to be a casual shooter that shoots about two times a month but I do this on my own time to keep up those shooting skills and it’s a lot of fun so one of the things I like to practice here at home with my Springfield or airsoft guns is the consistency of my grip when I hold my 1911 one of my goals is to get as high as possible on the gun so I can maintain control of the recoil of the 45 round going off one of the ways I do this is to get my right thumb up and over the safety so I can put downward pressure on the gun as the round goes off so I can maintain those follow-up shots with my left hand here I’m going to fill this gap and try to put as much contact on the pistol as possible along with point of my thumbs forward and towards the target now all of these concepts and ideas are a hundred percent able to be replicated on the airsoft 1911 here so now that we have the Griffith Valley the next thing I like to practice is trigger control and my sight picture when I bring the gun up to aim the first thing I’m going to notice is the triple white iron sights I’m going to make sure the front sight is aligned properly with the rear iron sight and the target and at that point we’re going to practice trigger control trigger control is extremely important to maintain accurate shot this is accomplished by ensuring that the gun is properly lined up with the target when the gun goes off so right now I’m going to give you guys an example this gun is safe and clear just to double-check we’re going to align our gun with the target while we do so we’re going to put our finger on the trigger very gently and while maintaining that alignment with the target slowly begin to add more and more pressure to the trigger while maintaining that alignment until the gun goes off so now that we practice our grip fire control and sight picture with a Springfield we can do the same with the airsoft model here but with one advantage of the fact that we can actually shoot it so let’s give it a try so the next thing I like to practice is my reloads and what we’re going for here is to be as smooth as possible this is not a speed reload it be as fast or as cool looking as possible but just to be efficient so what we have here is the gun setup in a very practical manner as if it needed to be reloaded so we have an F empty magazine in the gun and the slide is locked back so before we even try to go to the reload we’re going to repeat all of those practices we just talked about and pretend we are actually firing off a shot trigger control sight picture everything lined up BAM gun goes off check the gun is obviously empty eject the mag throw in the fresh run and make ready for the new round at this point what I’m going to do again is repeat all of those first steps of trigger control and sight picture now that we’ve practiced each one of those weapons manipulations on its own we’re going to practice them all together in one exercise with a little bit more speed so let’s see how it goes grip sight picture trigger control BAM empty reload make ready sight picture trigger control BAM all right so let’s talk about some of the reasons of why you want to use the airsoft guns for training first of all money going out to the range can definitely be very expensive when you combine ammo costs along with range fees you can easily spend upwards to a hundred dollars for a good day at the range now for airsoft firing these six millimeter plastic BBs for 5000 of these bb’s is only going to copy roughly ten dollars there are also biodegradable bb’s that will cost about twenty dollars for a similar amount the other thing you do need to buy to make these airsoft guns functions is the air source up here you see a can of green gas which is a compressed air that will fill a lot of different airsoft guns out there this can of green gas will refill one of these magazines roughly thirty to forty times the other more common source to is the co2 cartridge that is very available at most sporting goods store for a very affordable price as well so because I own a 1911 model I naturally decided to work with airsoft 1911’s because it’s going to replicate it as accurately as possible but airsoft does offer a lot of different models anything from Glocks cigs greta’s revolvers and many many more to replicate most of the current firearms out in the market today one of the big differences you’ll notice between firearms and airsoft guns is the weight while both of these guns are all-metal the Springfield here is made out of steel and the airsoft gun is can be dramatically lighter needed for airsoft guns once again is less expensive but I want to go over some of those details here we’re going to have the six millimeter plastic bb’s this device is called a speed loader to make loading easier and quicker this here is green gas which is an airsoft specific gas essentially it is compressed air with oil mixed into it that you’re going to load at the bottom of the airsoft magazine so this magazine is going to hold the compressed air along with the beauties when the airsoft gun goes off what’s going to happen is that gas is going to expand which will rack the slide back and forth and fire the BB out airsoft magazines will typically hold more rounds than the real firearm but for realistic sake I loaded this for only seven rounds if you guys do decide to pick up an airsoft pistol I would recommend looking into a good brand the model I have here is a kwa mark 2 kwa is a company that makes extremely good and very realistic airsoft pistols this one’s actually delegated as a PT P or for professional training pistols once again many law enforcement and military agencies use airsoft guns for training so right now we’re going to practice those same weapons manipulations with the airsoft gun but instead we have the opportunity to shoot it here in my backyard so we’re going to low to make ready and here we go alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video on how I use airsoft guns to keep up my shooting skill while saving a lot of money at the same time if you have any questions or concerns or just want to let us know what you think be sure to use a comment section below once again my name is Daniel and be safe out there


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