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Adidas Slav Gopnik Loadout (Airsoft UBACS & G3 Pants)

Adidas Slav Gopnik Loadout (Airsoft UBACS & G3 Pants)

Kak dela Airsofters Are you bored with seeing Multicam on Airsoft Field? Then this maybe of interest to you. I’ve been sent it by my comrades over at Tacticalxmen.com. It’s the Barcraft PDSK Raider Combat UBACS and G3 Pants.

Perfect for that tactical Slav style loadout. The PDSK UBACS comes in Russian Navy Blue colour with the Adidas style triple white stripes down the arms. One of the most notable features that this under armour shirt has that other UBACS don’t is the detachable drawstring hood, ideal for hiding face from security force.

You can zip it on and off in seconds. It has Hook and loop covered pockets on the biceps of each arm which will allow you to add your favourite morale patches. The Shirt is made from a self wicking material.

So it’s ideal To wear On hot day wearing armour playing pretend war with you friends. The material is Terrilene cotton which is designed so it doesn’t shrink in the wash and it will hold its colour for longer.

I take a size Bellarus large and the shirt here is a large but ideally I would prefer a little bit more room inside to feel comfortable, so it may be worth getting a size up for you fat men. The Barcraft G3 pants are copies of Capatilist Crye G3s.

These particular ones are in a called carbon grey. If you are small midget man from circus. You can adjust length of pants by pulling chord. These kneepads here are removable if you want to wear them without the pads in.

Made from a rip stop polyester cotton blend with Elasticated material around the knees and crutch area make these ideal in the flexibility department for squating. The size I ordered fit well so no need to order a size up or size down.

So if you fancy something different to complement your ak47 at the next Milsim, give the guys over at Tacticalxmen.com a look.


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