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Ace’s Airsoft Loadout

Ace’s Airsoft Loadout

hello everybody ace from the hairs up okay no Pia here making a little video on my loadout now I’m sorry if I look a little bit small compared to this shed it’s my camera’s like POV point of view now the reason I made this boat out video is because one of them having a big game happening a tomorrow and I decided I just want to go around showing you what I have and what you’re going to be seeing me wearing because like I said I’m having a big game tomorrow and I am recording I’m bringing you into this now this is my woodland loadout if you saw the UM gameplay video then you’ll know it is it is woodwind sorry if I sound a little bit constipated there my camera once again the audio jack Oh see yeah let’s start with this top and go down I normally I’d be wearing some full SEAL goggles not right now that’s kind of I don’t need them I look dumb in them and I don’t wear ski masks and I can’t find my ski mask right now so let’s go to the west put the gun down here now let’s go to the best on my best I have a in my vest I should say a speedloader that is in the grenade pouch they have a little grenade launcher holder thing a knife slot which if you can see my legs and you probably tell where I have my knife and up here on the top they have three little one of them is little the rest is not that small front I have a patch of the I love them Brits I really but uh I mean you guys know my live-action channel is more awesome so go ahead and watching the videos about that if you like that so now I’m the first one they have a little pouch it’s little and small and all that then they have a pouch it’s velcroed for like i’d say like your shells that you don’t want fall out some and the last pouch I have a a map of my fuel pretty nice map I mean printed off a Google Images or whatever we already mapped out which way is north south east west let’s be stirred ever and a light out me transparent um no so I will pull out the other item I have a Sharpie which um chrome I’ll see about that later in a second then I have three m4 style mag pouches two of them are filled the tan star mag okay I’m fortune mag then I got my other man this one holds 500 to 600 uh balloons and this one holds got an empty one here because because I can moving down let’s see if he actually can see that in a second alright you probably can’t see most of it that’s why I am going to move the camera down a bit in a second all right sorry about this I’m a one-man operator I guess you could say in when I record now I’m bottom half I have my black BTUs do not really be to use I just got them at Target I think they’re nice enough and I have my cross me drop leg holster kind of digital camo that’s the only thing that they have that’s digital camo I’m gonna put my knife up here really nice the mag is the more slender type mags they kind of they’re not and now let’s go back up to me before going back down I have to tell you a couple things now um put that up a bit more right now what I was saying about Sharpie is um that I’m I’m egg on my mag of the week Kappa I have a little thing if you know if you play black ops a little bit zombies smell like it it says Sally and Sally and Mustang you know it’s like the gun that Dempsey uses or an Emer so I put Sally on there and what I do every time I get a kill after every match or whenever I get a break in the action put um would you McCall tic tacs or whatever put a little tally mark on it so that’s kind of marker or a chrome marker on the box mag actually I think I might put them on the back box mag so I can tell back down to the feet through the leg part of me drawing no but uh already seen the drop leg holster but also I put in the drop leg holster is my knife my head rip off your mask if you’re really sprinting and also this is better because the third and four holster if you have the knife and the knife holster thing it will lock up the opening so that’s a bit harder to open it if you have the knife there so I can just put this out and start making people now here I have a s Thunder a a mine holder at the beginning of the game I’ll put my mind in here but then somewhere half the round the game sometimes through there I’m going to take out the mine and put it in a spot that I have where I know that people walk through and sometimes I didn’t even take the the mine into the game so now let’s go back up to the tour so it’s like Lane why I would use that if I don’t bring the mind to the game sometimes now here I have my trusty little D blue skirt I’ve heard a lot of people say that but all this gun is bad it breaks easily but it only has been jammed once and that’s an easy fix and just take apart the gun unjam movie back in a second right so here I have my scar got the m16 tan loadout taking out some people you know it’s a very good gun I’d recommend getting a AGM or an echo one star just because d-boys is one of the more cheaper places but um whatever there’s still my scones they still I love this car type and what my dream loadout would be is a scar with the fuck with the FAL scar on both my favorite types


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