Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet to discover a product released a while ago but that I wanted to offer you. This replica was sent to me by our partner AIRSOFTZONE and it is the AAC T11 S of the brand ACTION ARMY This atypical replica of a snipe may surprise players, but we can still wonder about these abilities and how easy it is to use in CQB, for example, given its unusual size.

but which, like its big sister, the T10, can quickly upgrade and improve reliability with parts of the VSR10 type and accessories such as the optional stock extension offered by ACTION ARMY. PACKAGING The replica is delivered in its cardboard reinforced by its polystyrene housing protecting the replica very well MANUFACTURER TEST CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE there is also a very detailed user manual but no French translation a translucent 50 bbs mag a dummy MAG serving as a toolbox and a HANDSTOP.

There will be no BBLOADER, no cleaning rod or additional picatinny rails in this package. EXTERNAL DESIGN We can immediately realize the unusual aspect of this replica by its design and cut to get this look by removing the rear part of the stick to have a template suitable for the game in CQB.

This model will be offered only in black. Action Army has accentuated its tactical side by adding these slots for picatinny rails but unfortunately optional as was the case on the T10. Its look will probably be talked about but it has the merit of existing and is really out of the ordinary which is already a big plus for this replica EXTERNAL DETAIL The outer barrel is metal and receives a thread allowing the installation of an optional silent adapter AAC The receiver is made of alloy injected in a single block receiving a 135 mm upper rail to mount your precision SCOPE The cocking lever is made of alloy and large enough for a good grip when reloading given the absence of the stock as well as its safety identical to the T10 The body is made of very good quality nylon fiber showing 2 zones to accessorize your replica with threaded slots for picatinny rails such as the following accessories available on AIRSOF TZONE the body extends to the location for the MAG 50 BBS compatible VSR10 but also to the dummy MAG which serves as a tool box containing the useful keys on the replica in its continuity, the body reveals its ergonomic handle, very pleasant to grip despite the absence of a stock and equipped with an optional interchangeable GRIP PANEL The replica also offers 2 QD locations to install your tactical strap If however you wish to opt for a stock, action army offers you the stock extension which is very simple to add to this replica in a few seconds and to switch back to the short version as quickly.

The replica measures 730 mm for a weight of 1755 gr unequipped, which makes it a very light snipe. INTERNAL DETAIL Its internal barrel measures 430 mm and 6.03 in diameter and equipped with a HOPUP adjustment on the edge of the external barrel.

The internal is identical to the T10, you just have to watch the video of it to know the technical characteristics We go to the shooting tests at 20 meters in BBS 0.25g (each MAG of manufacturers compatible VSR10 are also tested compliant) And test the posture with the absence of STOCK and the pistol effect during reloading Reloading is very easy despite the lack of stock we change MAG for the CHEAP BAR10 model and it works very well we change the MAG for the TOKYO MARUI VSR10 model and it works very well All the MAGS on the market work very well, and the accuracy at this distance is correct We go to the shooting tests at 45 meters in BBS 0.

25g, I chose this grammage because it is the only one that I can get up with the HOPUP without having stuffing in the barrel. Larger weights are difficult to fit with the original HOPUP seal The position is not favorable for long shooting distances but it remains pleasant as a result despite this, I am satisfied with this product given its design.

you must find the right position to rearm the replica. BBS go by yourself over you because of the lack of stability I have the SCOPE on the mannequin but I have to move during the shooting which disturbs the trajectory of the BBS The result at 45 meters, the replica lacks stability due to the absence of the stock but in CQB can be very pleasant.

POSITIVE / NEGATIVE POINTS On the positive side: a replica with an unusual look and pleasant to use or even easier use in CQB. A quality exterior finish and solid materials. Pleasant performance considering the low original power, the size of its internal barrel and the absence of a stock.

A possibility of upgrade with full compatibility of the VSR10 parts including that offered by ACTION ARMY as well as optional accessories like the stock extension or the picatinny rails increasing its tactical look.

Negative: A replica whose power is too weak for the majority of players generally playing at 450 FPS but ideal for the CQB. A reliability of the hopup which has the same concerns as on the T10 and which stuffs quickly.

Lack of minimum accessories like picatinny rails in the package Here is the first review of the AAC T11 S and transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE finished. Thanks to Soline and her team for allowing us to present this product to you.

If you want to see the upgrades achievable on this replica, I invite you to look at the review of the T10 proposed a few months ago. Find all the AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the description of the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel and Facebook page we are counting on you.

See you soon! bye Bye


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