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A Closer Look at the 40 Mike Gas Powered Magnum Shell – Airsoft Innovations

A Closer Look at the 40 Mike Gas Powered Magnum Shell – Airsoft Innovations

Our new 40 Mike features the patent-pending “Quantum Drive” already featured in our successful Cyclone grenades. This ensures every BB is fired with high muzzle velocity and ensures great range. Exceeding every other 40mm propane power shower grenade our 40 Mike hits targets at 100′ away with a dense 10′ spread, so it’s perfect for long-range play.

There are great applications for the 40 Mike… Outdoors, long-range CQB, those hard to reach areas, or enemies that are grouped up. These are the bread and butter of the 40 Mike. That being said, it’s best to use the 40 Mike at least 30′ away.

Even with the 40 Mike’s reasonable 240FPS it’s a bit overkill to hit someone with 150 BBs any closer than that. That’s why airsofters respect the mercy rule! Let’s be considerate to our friends. Remember.

.. … always use full face protection when playing airsoft or using the 40 Mike. You would not want to get hit in the face with this, it is powerful. We engineered the 40 Mike carefully to be as safe as possible to prevent unintentional discharge in safe zones.

It also comes with a safety cover to protect the firing pin and is drop-safe tested up to 6′. Conventional moscarts are not drop safe. They can go off with as little as a 1″ drop. Our 40 Mike is CNC-machined to be tough as nails.

Refilling the 40 Mike? Piece of cake! The valve is self resetting so just … … safety cover, gas, BBs. In that order. Did we mention it’s maintenance-free? Just use lubed propane at all times in your 40 Mike to keep it running smoothly and have error-free operation.

Once again … … cover, gas, BBs. The cover slides on to the base of the grenade to prevent unintentional firing. Next is gas … … our fill valve uses a two-port system that allows trapped gas to escape giving you a more consistent fill.

You can see this by it hissing when you fill it and spraying back when it’s full. [HISS] Just like that. And last is BBs. BBs are loaded through the barrel on the top of the 40 Mike. Using your speed loader hold the 40 Mike upright and fill BBs down the barrel until you get some resistance.

[SPEEDLOADER CLICKING] When you get some resistance … … place your finger over the barrel and tilt it upside down and give it a little shake let the BBs settle at the bottom of the spiral. Once this is done, rotate back up to a 45° angle and continue filling until it accepts no more BBs.

[SPEEDLOADER CLICKING] Once no more BBs go in pour out the excess BBs that were in the barrel … … and now your 40 mike is loaded and good to go! Only use greengas or propane in the 40 Mike. 134A, “duster gas”, is also acceptable for lower pressure and lower velocity.

DO NOT use: HPA, CO2, Nuprol 3.0 or 4.0 or any other high pressure propellant. These can break your 40 Mike permanently and will void your warranty! And that’s all you need to know to field the 40 Mike in battle! This has been Alan from Airsoft Innovations .

.. Remember to stay safe, have fun … … and Keep Ballistics First!


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