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A Bit of Airsoft Gameplay – Testing me Cameras

A Bit of Airsoft Gameplay – Testing me Cameras

alright folks I haven’t uploaded a video in a couple weeks I’ve just been busy with other projects getting on with stuff in the background. However, I did get a chance to play some airsoft the other night, and that gave me a good opportunity to test the two cameras out that I modified in the last two videos.

So if recording airsoft footage is something you might be interested in, but like me you don’t have much budget, go and check those out. Now for this game I ran my trusty and cheap galaxy GK5 I think they call it, it’s an mp5k I’ve not done much to this one, it’s basically stock inside apart from a bearing spring guide and you can see the externals as well, Ive put the stock on there and the suppressor.

The suppressor is just for visuals. It doesn’t have a barrel going up it, so keep that mind in the video – this gun only has a barrel comparable to most pistols, it’s only maybe 110 or 115 millimeters long.

To sling that up, I used my Azy’s tactical sling, I’ll put a link to that in the description, purple, obviously, and that worked great. You can configure these in a number of different ways, the kits aren’t expensive so check out that link.

And just so you know, I’m not being paid to say that I bought the product off Azy, he’s local, he’s in Scotland, he’s making these by hand… if anything goes wrong, he’ll fix it – you’ve got the support there that you don’t have buying the cheap stuff from China.

.. and the kits are multi- configurable so they’re really brilliant for airsoft and I’ve just got it running in a single point configuration, which is perfect for a small, light gun like this. Sight wise, I’m running a cheap eBay red dot, it’s got a lot of parallax but it does the job.

.. and 0.25 BB’s… well… I say 0.25… made of a bit of a cock up there, the high caps I had were half loaded with 0.2s… I THOUGHT they were 0.25s… topped them up with 0.25 and set the hop up for the 0.

2s which were feeding through the mag first… then halfway through the game, the 0.25s started coming through and you’ll see the shots started lobbing in. Confused me a fair little bit at the time, because I knew the hop was set fairly flat but what can I say – I’m a dick! But anyway on to the video we joined here with Frank the site manager who runs the games and he’s given me a bit of p**s taking because of some banter that was going around Facebook about airsoft celebrities, so before anybody thinks I’m being serious there, or Frank’s being serious it’s just a bit of a joke.

Hope you enjoy this it’s my first attempt at doing a gameplay video, I know it’s not going to be the best, but my brother who encouraged me to get into YouTube told me that you’ve just got to dive in and get making videos and accept that your going to make bad ones and it will take a while before you get good.

This is… thats Ramsay, he’s an airsoft celebrity so there you go my first gameplay video and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you have, maybe think about hitting that like button, maybe even subscribe to the channel I’ve got more tech stuff coming up, I might do more of these gameplays.

.. I’m not sure yet if it’s my thing, I’ve got a bit of learning to do there… but yeah, we’ll see how that goes. So until next time, take it easy, and I’ll catch you in the next one!


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