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6mm Magazine – Airsoft City – Palermo

6mm Magazine – Airsoft City – Palermo

Hi I’m Danilo(And I’m Rosario) and we are the founders of Airsoft City, we built it last year in 2014 to offer to all the people interested in Airsoft a structure that is both worthy and big, in the center of Palermo, where they can try this sport/game the structure has an extension of 7000 square-meters but it can be expanded to 12000, we recreated a middle-eastern looking village with buildings, covers and constructions that make the games more thrilling.

We have trenches, bunkers and everything you can imagine to have fun in absolute safety, near home. In a structure that has a cafe, a relax area, a place to hold meeting with friends and everything that may be needed.

Playing here is pretty easy, you just have to join our association, SPARTAN, it’s 15 euros insurance included This allows the member to have access to all our activities, not just the games on Sunday but many others.

Starting with weekend games, night games during the week, every Wednesday and Friday, during summer we host these games more often, we have tournaments,24h or 48h long, CQB championships once every year Outside our structure we organize other activities, this year we started with some MIL-SIMs, epic games with hundreds of people, open to people outside our association.

We care particularly about the Airsoft fair that we are going to hold in June, the name is “EXPO-SOFTAIR”, and it is gonna be a true fair not a flea market, but a fair where we will have famous companies, retailers and people from the sector, both Italian and foreign, it will be 3 days long and we will hold even tournaments, dynamic shooting championships, various demonstrations that you can see on our website.

Tell us something about your activities Among the activities we host, we really like, as airsoft enthusiasts, are Airsoft classes, for every skill level(We have the Spartanday every Sunday) It’s a day full of events, starting with our free class meant for who has never played before, we give some notions on how to deal with a game day inside the arena For the rest of the day you apply what you have been taught, we try to teach to people what we said before.

We have other classes for novices and experts who want to improve During daytime and nightime, even out of the structure. Did you create a team? Our last project is the creaton of a agonistic team, known as Spartan, because that is the name of our association we already had the first selection but we host two every year.

Our selection unravels in 5 days, during them we put challenges of increasing difficulty both physical and technical the candidates Clearly the team won’t be a club like others but it will be like an “All-stars team” where members of various associations, can participate in tournaments and events as Spartans Clearly carrying forward the name of Spartan and Airsoft City and we will support the team in any possible way.

Any particular event? A particular activity that we host and had a huge participation is “ZOMBIELAND”, it is a crazy project, I had this idea last July, we recreate in an area of 30000/40000 square meters, a context that you can see in “The Walking Dead” and similar zombie-themed shows We will a lot of actors dressed like zombies, and the participants will have quests, they will have to solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind this outbreak While they try to survive, this event had a huge participation and everybody had fun, so we will host it again this year, during summer maybe 2 or 3 times Do you have any activities for children? The activity that gave use more satisfaction last year, and it was a surprise, has been th “Summer time”, we had kids of 10 years or older every day in the arena And during this activity we let them play somehow airsoft with all the protections and restrictions needed, using games that they already know like hide and seek adapted to airsoft(treasure hunt) and Rosario knows it better than me because he was the supervisor of these activities.

We transferred the games that we all played as children, hide and seek, treasure hunt, but letting them feel like little soldiers that had to hide or retrieve a treasure and we spent a great summer with many other things that the kids will find out coming here this summer, beacuse kids take you to another world, they involve you and you get involved it was a great summer, and we cannot wait to do it again, it was a nice felling, kids were initially scared by airsoft, guns(by his presence), but after 3 months it was almost sad having to part, kids got back to school and we got back to our usual activities And we want to get back together, all kids became our little members, but I can’t wait for “Summer time” because it is big guys world transferred to little ones(this year we will have even afternoons) we will have new personnel for the activities, we’ll improve what we did last year and as Rosario said many kids became associates and airsoft players beacuse we have days with activities meant for kids clearly only for kids, 11-12 years old, and they get supervised by at least a couple of guys of our staff, to be sure nobody gets hurt What is the usual procedure to play in Airsoft City? Playing here is simple, you have to join, pay 15 euros, then you can access all the activities, 3 hours game are about 5 euros, a Sunday pass is 10, and you can even rent the field for 50 euros per hour, so if you are 10 guys is 5 euros per hour if you don’t have the gear, protections, asgs and similars, we can rent it, we have a wide range of replicas that you can rent starting from 10 euros a day, BBs excluded, if you run aout of BBs you can buy them.

everything you may need, glasses, mags, batteries and all the essentials Thank you guys, see you soon Thank you guys of 6mm-magazine, we are waiting for them and you all in our field, to shoot each other happily


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