Home Airsoft Gameplay 6/28&29/14 SC Village – Airsoft Gameplay

6/28&29/14 SC Village – Airsoft Gameplay

6/28&29/14 SC Village – Airsoft Gameplay

hey all on you are out on your own good hey hey I’m gonna need some cover if i go for the flag isn’t it’s clear hey I got one we’re turning onto it and son Brett you’re up God you came in today baby baby [ __ ] you already got you kid y’all go out go throw low throw us yeah all of them around mix it around got you just got you kid I got you come on I just shot you just shot you you guys are getting hit he’s still right there there’s everything come on hey I’m gonna thunder be over there yep take this grenade we’re gonna run to the corner of the box you made it around the back row box just like around the side of it then we’re safe all right sure how my thunder be like the hill and have a roll down the hill you know let’s take it came in room one more know they try to get you get down low behind this [ __ ] down here you see the [ __ ] down here yeah try to get down low on that [ __ ] like hurry up and get into and sit on your butt there you go there you go there you go call it if you see somebody yeah yeah oh my god yeah I’m not you going Cody I’m sorry Glenn news on the Twitter oh yeah that’s it doing the course you didn’t poke back to grow a pear shape alright guys i want to throw this all the guys in the corner i’m gonna run for this corner you’re sucking off basically yeah chalk it off grenade you still gets the wall move up lagos [ __ ] wanna move up you get back shut that full baby throw me run around the corner get up I’m not a Madonna my gun let’s finish this come on we got it come here come here come on oh [ __ ] sorry that’s that games over that’s that games over [ __ ] i’m gonna move for cover me all right I got a grenade ready I have two of them oh no wait for the corner and you don’t think there’s nobody behind the truck I don’t think there is I’ll go with you every time I run behind the boat Go Go Go tough grenade grenade yeah dad I just grenaded you guys kill him to move up get our guys to move up alright well just let him know that they care oh he’s got you got you yeah keep it keep an eye on that I’m looking at this window I try to try to go out so you have the jump on hey a little bit wait I didn’t tell the big I got okay ricocheted off the hard to get Sean Walker now let’s toss innate so Nathan Oh guys are dead yeah we’re already parlaying okay hello like that lately eggs yeah that’s a [ __ ] tactic for our leg nice oh hi got me got me


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