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51 Kills / Airsoft Sniper vs Stormtrooper / Silverback SRS & MK18 gameplay


Gear, Music, Links – on description down bellow 😉 I added voices from Operation Flashpoint 😉 , old sentiment This is 2nd part of the game, but lets come back to the beginning This is one my first recorded gamepepley with Silverback SRS My oring in bb tube is to thin, so i must reload in this funny position to prevent bbs lost – I see the leg -I got him -Poor Guys… 🙁 -Changing sites!! – You know…. – – When i deep regulate TDC, i have problem with curving bbs -I have the same today, not good weather to accurate shots -I spotted one target -The owner of this field, explained me about bomb disarming, but is very complicate 😉 1vs1 kill -I have lucky -BB fly so slow, so i hear the shoots, and avoid mass of bullets 😉 -So close, but im failed 🙂 -This is the end -Please Like & Subscribe, and add a comment about AEG gameplay (Yay or Nay), sometimes in the future i will try some cqb fight.Good luck and i hope see You soon in next movie! .


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