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5 Tips for Beginners | Airsoft

5 Tips for Beginners | Airsoft

hi my name is Peyton I’m the manager of airsoft hero located in the historic district of Hampden in Baltimore Maryland and I’m Joshua Meyer I’m in tech here at airsoft hero our store features AEG’s accessories apparel we also buy used guns accessories and apparel and we also do quality tech work any details you can find on our website at wwlp.

com and we’ll be talking to you about airsoft if you’re a beginner in the game you obviously don’t want to spend too much money on a gun because honestly you don’t know if you’re going to be in the game for the long term you want to look for something that’s meant for beginners and something that will fit your budget a little bit better once you become a little bit more experienced you’ll learn how to upgrade the guns and you’re going to learn what internal upgrades will do what for the gun so you can finally tune to your role in what you want to do in airsoft another great thing to do is the people who you’re playing with that are more experienced from you be a sponge to them take whatever advice they want to give you as far as gear as far as safety as far as brains of guns whatever advice they have take it in and then sort that out with your own discretion also joining a team is a great way to get into the sport not only do you learn a lot about the sport you also get to experience the the sportsmanship and the camaraderie that a team has from working together as a unit instead of just working separately trying to do your own thing another very important thing for beginners and anybody that plays airsoft is safety you do not want to use shop goggles or target practicing goggles you want to use full seal goggles to cover your entire eye area if you’re under 18 I would suggest that you wear a full-face mask to protect anything possible the most important thing with airsoft is safety the more safe you are the more everybody can enjoy the sport you


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